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and poems

by Duncan Hannah

We're sailing on lake minnetonka

at night, lakeshore nocturne

you and your girlfriend slip over the side naked

when you climbed back on board,

you sat next to me, your coltish charms

shivering in the night air.

I offered to dry you in the small cabin.

"okay" you smiled

I explored your teenage prettiness

kissed your freckled Irish face

wooed you with words

you asked "Do you want me to be your 

afternoon girl, then?"

The next morning I smelled your 

heavy briny aroma

on my fingers

you're a tom girl

wrong side of the tracks

a real nympho. little trouble girl.

slender and slouchy

when you had some drinks one night

you waited by the bathroom

in a decrepit lyndale apartment

and motioned for me to come over.

you put my hand in your loose

plaid boys shirt

and the other in your baggy jeans.

you snared me.

The following day you were sleeping 

it off in your loft bed

while the rock band rehearsed.

a filmy nightie like Carroll Baker in Baby Doll

my erection made a little tent

in my white tennis shorts.

I put your hand on it.

You came around; your motor started

you seek completion in another.

I stop by your house after summer school.

I go up to your gabled room

you're still in bed, you're unusually accommodating

pull the covers aside

say "why don't you get in here" and join me.


I'm your new plaything

Or is your recent woman's body

the new plaything. You want to try it out.

Its kicks.

You're a foreign exchange student

from Denmark.

It's the all-night graduation party

we're rushing on psychedelics

steal off to the golf course

we mingled on the crest of a fairway

under the stars

We're squished in a crowd at a led zeppelin concert.

you smell of patchouli oil

and have merry eyes.

We share some Pernod

Our squishing leads to feeling

your large breasts through your

white sweater.

We let the crowd push us this way

and that, our genitals pressed together.

I confess I'd been looking for you,

and you answer by slipping your 

tongue in my mouth.

You strip for me as if presenting me with gifts

this is for you.

enjoy me.

we're a little drunk.

a little high.

we crave each other.

we startle ourselves.

we hear bells.

in a little room in a men's dorm.

we climb into a single bed

warm ourselves under cold sheets.

we're forced to abstain

but we're petting

and you confessed your fantasy

of bringing me off orally.

you shyly did it twice

In your mother's house.

you lock your legs around me.

pump me.

with your tiny-curled mouse.

sixteen and cross-eyed.

we must hurry

in case your mom comes home.

she doesn't know you do this. 

you luxuriate in your sensuality

it's the time you feel most in control

We're obsessed with androgyny.

consider ourselves sexual equals.

equal parts


so when you masturbate me

it has the extra thrill

of an illicit boys school incident

we trade pleasures casually.

we live for sensation