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  Art Practices in Our Time
A cartoon catalogue.
by Anthony Haden-Guest
I made a video of myself drawing a mustache on
Warhol's Blue Jackie and rubbing it out again.
I get into gender issues by defacing photographs
of fashion models.
I'm making an installation of an infinite sequence of numbers, but backwards.
I'm going to build Leonardo da Vinci's helicopter
and fly it competitively.
I'm making a multiple based on Mayor Giuliani's hair.
I have a major talent agency interested in repping my project, but it's under wraps. Okay?
I am making myself the most inescapable art product on the planet.
I am burying myself in alluvial mud for nine months. The piece is about Isis, but I'm referencing Beuys and Karen Finley, of course.
I make paintings. Sorry, but that's about it.