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New art sells at Art Forum Berlin, Sept. 7-Oct. 1, 2000.
At Patrick Painter, all six of Paul McCarthy's Dwarf Head, 2000, sold for $9,500 each in the fair's first three hours.
Photo of Art Forum Berlin collaborators Patrick Painter (left) and Max Hetzler in Los Angeles by Benedikt Taschen.
Peter Doig's first photo edition, Photographs 1-9, 2000, $30,000 the set. All 12 editions sold at Patrick Painter.
Stefan Eberstadt
Sculpture as booth furniture -- Stefan Eberstadt's Stripwall at Rocket Gallery, London, £7,000.
Stefan Eberstadt's Dispenser, sold at Rocket for £3,000.
Detail of xerox print by Dominic Eichler -- Artnet Magazine's first Berlin correspondent -- at Atle Gerhardsen, formerly of Oslo, soon to open in Berlin.
Sandra Antelo-Suarez of Trans magazine with Globject multiple by Karim Rashid. One left (of an edition of five), for $2,000.
Cedric Christie at Rocket Gallery, with his acrylic on aluminum portraits of Sara, Helen and Joseph, £900 + VAT each.
New self-portraits by Berliner Jonathan Meese burlesquing the military, all sold at Christian Nagel, Cologne, 9,500 DM each.
Florence Lynch with one of Alfredo Jaar's 100 Times Nguyen, $3,500 for four (edition of 25).
Untitled acrylic on plastic abstraction by Odili Donald Odita at Florence Lynch Gallery, $2,500.
Amy Adler at the Berlin office of Alte Gerhardsen, Oslo. A photo of a drawing from a photo. Sold, $6,000.
Erik Parker's Where's My Dog At?, dedicated to "underground" artists, sold for $7,500 at Leo Koenig.
Erik Parker, detail
Special sound art section: Sontext (Debora Warner and Steve Hamilton), Prime Time, 30-second loop on DVD, edition of 100, $400 at I-20.
Matilde ter Heijne's 1, 2, 3 ... 10, Whoever's Not Out Is It, a collection of found sound fragments of emotional speeches about causes worth dying for, at Arndt & Partner, DM 20,000.
Berlin sound artist
Matilde ter Heijne
Nicolas Jasmin, No (Is On), 2000, 30-minute DVD at Kunstbuero Wien, 8,340 DM
Noguchi to Tony Smith: Sam Durant in collaboration with Takeshi Kagami, Progression from Organic to Geometric, $15,000, sold at Kapinos.
The haunted tour: Ann Lislegaard, Kronburg, 2000, 5,800 DM at Tommy Lund, Copenhagen.
Heavy breathing: Janet Cardiff and Georges Bures Miller, Hill Climbing, 2000, $5,000 at Galerie Barbara Weiss.
Thomas Eller, THE at Gunpoint, 2000, sold for 18,000 DM at De Chiara/Stewart
Anton Henning's Swimming in the Glare, No. 2, 2000, at Wohnmaschine, sold at 18,500 DM.
Anton Henning,
Soon to show at Friedrich Petzel in New York: Rudy Bust, I Love You, Too Little, Too Late, at China Art Objects, L.A., $500.
Rudy Bust,
Gerwald Rockenschaub, Color Foil on Alucore, Aluminum Frame, 2000. DM 31,000 at Mehdi Chouakri
Pablo Vargas Lugo, Golgotha, 2000, at Galeria OMR, Mexico City, $1,200
Markus Linnenbrink, Multicolorhoneypop, 2000, DM 12,800, at Fahnemann, Berlin
Linnenbrink, detail
Maria Friberg, Almost There, 2000, DM 7,000, at Charlotte Lund, Stockholm
The booth of Anton Kern, New York, and Klosterfeld, Berlin.
Marco Noire and Andres Serrano's Lesa Lewis I, 1998
Osaka dealer Kimiyoshi Kodama with work by Yuki Kimura
Yuki Kimura, Tobacco #2, Mountains Big & Small, 1999, $1,500, at Kodama Gallery, Osaka
Marie-Jo Lafontaine, Passio, 2000, 48,500 DM, at Bernhard Knaus, Mannheim
Bernhard Knauss
Kerry-Celan Freeman, Low, Los Angeles's Uli Lang
Time to go home! New York dealer Thomas Erben as the fair closes for the day, with works by Martin Parr at Arndt & Partner.