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    David Ebony's Top Ten

Jeff Elrod at Pat Hearn
Internal Document
The recent large-scale canvases by Jeff Elrod on view in this exhibition are evidence that computers can be used not only as an aid to composition, but also to enhance the expressiveness of the painting. The combination of chance elements and technical bravado in these hard-edge canvases elicits a sense of freedom. Each work involves a unique spatial experiment. In Analogue, for example, a black shape centered in a gray field looks like a caped figure flying in the air, but the sense of foreground and background is ambiguous, if not impossible to discern.

Similarly, the brilliant Delete Yourself, shows a kind of woven space in which fractured planes appear and then disappear, answerable only to the rules their own eccentric geometry.

Internal Document, a painting that the artist describes as a self-portrait, features the outline of a white head with yellow "eyes." The extremely reductive Code-Act shows a narrow black band and a sliver of what looks like a blue silhouette of a face, floating in a searing white field; it delivers an unexpected emotional charge.

Jeff Elrod, Jan. 15-Feb. 26, 2000, at Pat Hearn, 530 W. 22nd Street, New York, N.Y. 10011.