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    David Ebony's Top Ten

Melvin Edwards at CDS
The Long Way
Restore to Benin
Texas-born sculptor Melvin Edwards is well known for his assemblages of welded steel, which metaphorically address African-American history and politics. This exhibition at CDS, "Corroborations, Works of the 1990s," coincides with a large-scale retrospective currently on view at the Miami University Art Museum in Oxford, Ohio (through Mar. 12).

In New York, he presents 16 small wall reliefs and two larger free-standing pieces. Many of the tightly packed wall sculptures, such as Restore to Benin and The Long Way, incorporate chains, locks and other signs of bondage. A Symptom of is a powerful and ominous piece featuring a wide pipe filled with a lock and forks, while Song, a work that involves long wires that mimic a musical instrument, is more playful. These and a number of other works on view are examples of Edwards at his evocative best.

Melvin Edwards, "Corroborations: Works of the 1990s," Jan. 8-Mar. 31, 2000, at CDS, 76 E. 79th Street, New York, N.Y. 10021.