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Christian Garnett at Dee Glasoe
The word "luminous" is overused when it comes to describing good painting, but nowhere is the term more pertinent than in reference to Christian Garnett's recent works at Dee Glasoe.

In each of his untitled paintings -- all done by transferring oil paint from a sheet of glass onto metal aviation panels -- a stark white vertical band traverses a field of subtly modulated color that ranges from navy blue to turquoise and beige. The pigment appears darker and denser at the sides, which creates an optical bowing effect, as if the white band protrudes toward the center of the room. Radiating like a ghostly apparition, the mesmerizing white light looks like gaseous neon. An underpainting of deep pink and red, which is sometimes visible through etched lines near the edges of the panels, further enlivens the unimaginably slick surfaces.

Garnett works within the parameters of a monochromatic Minimalist composition, but in his hands it is by no means a limitation. These intense yet meditative works are luminous indeed.

Christian Garnett, Jan. 14-Feb. 12, 2000, at Dee Glasoe, 529 W. 20th Street, New York, N.Y. 10011.


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