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"Humid," an exhibition of new work by 26 artists organized by Chicago MCA curator Dominic Molon,
opens in raw space at the Moore Building in the Miami Design District, Dec. 13, 2001.
Ann Listegaard, !, 2001
"Humid" curator
Dominic Molon
D'Nell Larson, 100 Miles for You (In Caribbean Blue), 2001
Guillermo Kuitca
John Baldessari
Miami artist Jason Hedges
Collector and Design District developer Craig Robins with sculpture by Cooper
James Corcoran
Miami photog
Naomi Fisher
Martin Oppel
Art & Auction editor
Jori Finkel
New York photo dealer
Leslie Tonkonow
Miami artist
Tao Rey
Installation with LPs by William Cordova
Artist and curator
Robert Chambers