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The second annual collaboration between the Village of Brewster and curators and artists from New York City.
Organized by Regine Basha, Christopher K. Ho and Omar Lopez-Chahoud
July 27-28, 2002, in Brewster, N.Y.
Photos by Paul Laster, editor of Bkyn, an online journal of the arts
David Ross, Executive Director of the Beacon Cultural Project at the entrance to the Brewster House
Artists Chloe Piene and Anna Pederson lounging at Brewster Consignment
NY1 social commentator George Whipple
Actress Molly Shannon and Fritz Chesnut with his outdoor drawing
Jewish Museum curator Norman Kleeblatt and Peter Prescott with Mary Dryer paintings
NY Times critic Ken Johnson, accompanied by Art in America writers Lilly Wei and Richard Vine with "That Girl" sign by David Cabrera
Brewster Project organizers Christopher K. Ho and Regine Basha
Brewster Project organizer Omar Lopez-Chahoud
2002 Whitney Biennial star Karen Campbell
Artists Gedi Sibony and Jennifer Monick
Brewster curator A. S. Bessa
Writer Christopher Lee with Warren Neidich poster
Artist Drew Cliress performing below his temporary balustrade at the Brewster House
Emma Dewing with her poured metal wall drawing
Artist Louis Cameron and Adia Millett with her photo installation
El Museo del Barrio curators Margarita Aguilar (left) and Suzy Delvalle with Jamaica Art Center's Alex Campos
Artist Lawrence Beck and Art in America writer Stephanie Cash
Artists Grady Gerbracht, Emily Harvey and Thing.Reviews editor Brian Boucher
Performance artist John Passanante posing as the Mayor of Brewster
Renee Riccardo of ARENA Gallery at Bob's Diner
Video artist Amie Siegel with Brewster curator Sara Reisman
Karen King's "School 96" installed outside the abandoned Bank of New York
Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation President Michael Stout and Stephen Shea
Art in General and Brewster curator Naomi Urabe
Olu Oguibe installation reflecting the Walter Brewster House and horse sculpture by Pan Xing Lei
Artist Omar Rodrigus with his self-portait painting
Brewster Curator Mari Spirito, artist Sebastian Romo, photog Tatiana Kronberg and her photo subject Shane, a Brewster local
Artist Perry Hu sketching Irina Grichtchenko to benefit the Southeast Museum
Southeast Museum curator Samantha Ligon and director Amy Campanaro
ISCP artist-in-residence Sarah Beddington and Boston MFA curator William Stover in the Brewster Library
Web designer Susan Cook and photog Tasja Keetman with Pakistani road sign by Aysha Adil
Artist Karen King and producer Andrea Buzyn
Artist Trong Gia Nguyen and Julie Castellano
ICA/Boston curator Gilbert Vicario, Christopher K. Ho and PAJ editor Larry Qualls