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Photographs by Paul Laster
  Out at the parties, openings and other events during the Art Show and Armory Show weekend, Feb 21-25, 2007
Mikhail Baryshnikov with one of his photographs at Edwynn Houk Gallery at the Art Show
Artist Terence Koh at the Asia Song Society opening in Chinatown
Artist Rina Banerjee with her sculpture in Galerie Volker Diehlís booth at Pulse
Artists Tim Joossens and Assume Vivid Astro Focus at Peres Projects at the Armory Show
Collector Mike Ovitz, his curator Andrea Feldman Falcione, Stephanie Jeanroy of Michael Benevento/Orange Group, and MoMA curator Joachim Pissarro at the New Museumís booth at the Armory Show opening
Collectors Peter Brant and Stephanie Seymour Brant at the opening of the Art Show
Basel Art Fair director Sam Keller with Armory Show director Katelijne De Backer and co-founder Paul Morris at the opening of the Art Show
Artist Cory Arcangel and his sister Jamie Arcangel at the Millennium on View party
Rape of the Sabine Women associate producer Joel Beck and actress Annette Previti at the IFC Center premiere
Artists Orly Genger and Luis Gispert at the Armory Show
Reuters Beijing TV Producer Kitty Bu and artist Wim Delvoye at the Consul General of Belgiumís residence
Rose Gallery associate director Hannah Sloan with Tomoko Sawada photos at LA Art in New York
Artist Edwina White with her drawings at Kinz, Tillou + Feigenís booth at Pulse
Artist Hank Willis Thomas with his photograph at the M*A*S*H opening
Javier Peres at the launch of his magazine Daddy at Asia Song Society
Anton Kern with Lothar Hempel photograph in his booth at the Armory Show
UCLA Hammer adjunct curator Ali Subotnick, artist Maurizio Cattelan and New Museum curator Massimiliano Gioni posing with Martin Creed lightwork at the Armory Show opening
Artist Carole Seborovski with Alex Katz painting at the Armory Show
Curator Simon Watson of Scenic with a Neo Rauch painting at the Hort Collection
Peter Nagy of Nature Morte with a Thukral & Tagra painting in his Armory Show booth
Saatchi Gallery director Philly Adams at Asia Song Society opening
Guggenheim Museum director emeritus Thomas Messer leaving the Armory Show opening
Lawrence Luhring and Roland Augustine with Janine Antoni sculptures in their booth
at the Art Show
L.A. dealer Chris Acuna-Hansen with Carlee Fernandez photo in his booth at LA Art in New York
M*A*S*H curators Omar Lopez-Chahoud and Amy Smith-Stewart with the exhibition producer Michael Sellinger (center) at the opening
Artists Julian Laverdiere and Vincent Mazeau with Mazeauís sculpture in the "Water" exhibition at Ferragamo
Brooklyn Museum director Arnold Lehman and wife Pamela Lehman with a work by Swoon at a VIP viewing of their collection
Collectors Barbara and Howard Morse with a Rachel Harrison sculpture at the Hort Collection
D.A.P.ís Sharon Gallagher and Skuta Helgason in their Vito Acconci-designed store at the Armory Show
Tokyoís Takefloor 404 & 502 partner Atsuko Ninagawa with Soju Tao works in her booth
at Scope
Architect Steven Holl at the Jeff Wall opening at MoMA
Babel producer Jon Kilik with Sigmar Polke drawing at the Matthew Marks booth at the Armory Show
Miami dealer Anthony Spinello with Santiago Rubinoís drawing in his booth at Scope
PERFORMA board member David Raymond and artist Anna Ruth Henriques at the Consul General of Belgiumís residence
Architects Ada Tolla and Giuseppe Lignano of LOT-EK at Mandarin Oriental party honoring Katelijne De Backer
Collectors Sue Hancock and Laura Skoler at Hancockís private viewing
Susan Reynolds of Dinaburg Arts and Clifford Chance client focus manager Amy Goldman with Julian Rosefeldt video installation at the Armory Show Sponsors Lounge
Better Homes and Gardenís executive editor Kitty Morgan and Brooklyn Museum deputy director Charles Desmarais at the Consul General of Swedenís residence
Fashion designer Vivienne Tam and Christophe Mao of Chambers Fine Arts at Maoís Armory Show brunch
  Paul Laster is the editor of Artkrush and a regular contributor to Artnet Magazine