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Photos by Paul Laster
"John Waters: Change of Life,"
organized by New Museum director Lisa Phillips and guest curator Marvin Heiferman,
opens at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, Feb. 7, 2004
Serial Mom star Patty Hearst
John Waters and Marvin Heiferman
Jack Pierson
Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin director Peggy Leboeuf
David Yarritu and Nayland Blake
New Museum curator
Dan Cameron
Lab 71 editor and artist
Ilyse Soutine
Slaves of New York author Tama Janowitz and husband, Warhol Foundation bigfoot Tim Hunt
Curator and critic Rob Storr
Architects Benn Ferrell and Lyn Cassick
Gary Indiana and Lisa Phillips
Steve Buscemi and interviewer
Photog Ralph Gibson and sportswear designer Mary Jane Marcasiano
Artists Jane Benson and Sarah Beddington
Collectors Ellen Kern and Joel and Nancy Portnoy
Burlesque queen and Desperate Living star Liz Renay