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Photos by Mary Barone
  Art collector and real estate developer Aby Rosen celebrates
a show of new paintings by Enoc Perez at Lever House, Apr. 12, 2007
Enoc Perez with
Stephanie Seymour
Aby Rosen and Peter Brant
Agnes Gund
Lever House curator
Richard Marshall
Tony Shafrazi with
Cecilia Breccia
Christie’s design specialist
Carina Willinger
Enoc Perez enthusiast Margherita Missoni
Art dealers Vance Thompson and Gerard Faggionato
Collector Alberto Mugrabi with Gilda Moratti (left) and Christina Floyd
Photographer Santi D’Orazio with Yohji
Art dealer Jay Gorney
Richard Gluckman
Artist Anthony James
Cologne art dealer
Michael Janssen
Art collector Nadia Cher
Zingmagazine’s Devon Dikeou flanked by Leah Hansen (left) and Anna Knoebel
Art writer and curator David Hunt
  Thurston Moore opens his show of punk collages at KS Art in Tribeca, Apr. 7, 2007
Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon
Filmmaker and photographer Richard Kern
KS Art director Lisa Cooley flanked by artist Les Leveque (left) and KS Art founder Kerry Schuss
Michael Bernstein (left) and Thurston Moore
  "Antiques of the Future," Lisa Roberts’ curated Collection of Modern Design Artifacts,
opens at the Design Center at Philadelphia University in Philadelphia, Apr. 20, 2007
Curator Lisa Roberts
Sculptor Jill Sablosky
Philadelphia Museum of Art’s
Anne D’Harnoncourt
Design Center director Hilary Jay
Philagrafika’s Thora Jacobson and PMA COO Gail Harrity
  Max Blagg and Glenn O’Brien launch Issue 3 of Bald Ego at Home in Chelsea, Apr. 10, 2007
Paper Magazine editor David Hershkovits
James Cohan Gallery director Elise Goldberg
Max Blagg and artist Sara Forbes Keogh
Glenn O’Brien (left) and artist
Donald Baechler
Photographer Jean-Christian Bourcart
DJ extraordinaire Anita Sarko with drinks composer
Michael Stravinsky
Bald Ego Issue 3 special guest curator Andy Spade
Artist Mark Kostabi
Photographer Michael Halsband (left) with art dealers Tara Amelchenko and James Salomon
Writer and curator Klaus Kertess