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Photos by Mary Barone
  "Transatlantic Dave"
Dave Muller in New York ("How to Secede without Really Trying" at Murray Guy)
and London ("I Can Live with That" at the apartment adjacent to the Approach gallery)
Oct. 13 & 14, 2000.
Dave Muller and dealer Margaret Murray
Janice Guy and Mario Kramer
Dave Muller
Dave Muller and his homemade T shirts
Dealer Andrew Kreps
Artist Patrick Brill, aka Bob & Roberta Smith
Installation view at the Approach
Architect-designers Kim Colin and Sam Hecht
The Approach Gallery's Jake Miller and artist-curator Matthew Higgs
Jake Miller's flat through Dave's gallery viewfinder
The apartment
  "Point of Light"
An exhibition at the Photographers Gallery and
the installation of Tony Oursler's The Influence Machine
in SoHo Square, Nov. 1, 2000.

Critic Marina Warner
Entrance to SoHo Square
Oursler mist projection at the center of SoHo Square
Tony Oursler and Martin Gustafen
Jennet Thomas
Oursler projection on a building at SoHo Square
Photographers Gallery project organizer Janice McLaren and Westminster "Leap Festival" organizer Eddie Shelter
James Lingwood
Oswaldo Macia and Mona Kher
ArtAngel's Katthy Battista and "Point of Light" videomaker Jody Webster
London Connection's Wyn Lee and videomaker Lee Lewis
Vanessa Beecroft XXX "Drawing/Space"
opens at Broadway Projects in Fulham Broadway, London
Nov. 2, 2000

Vanessa Beecroft
Drawing by Beecroft
Another one of the works
Broadway Projects advisor
David Gilmore
Gerri van Nord
Cabinet Gallery's
Martin McGowan
Broadway Projects director
Elizabeth de Stanford Wallitt
Broadway Projects sponsor
Maddalena Kind
Broadway Projects advisor
Rose Finn-Kelcey
Martin Creed
Ellipsis Publishing's
Faye Chang
Shine Gallery's
Noel Daniel
Muzia Sforza