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      New This Month in U.S. Museums
Jim Sanborn
Carrizozo, N.M., July 16, 1945
  Atomic Time: Pure Science and Seduction
Corcoran Gallery of Art
Nov. 1, 2003-Jan. 26, 2004
Artist Jim Sanborn's investigation of the Manhattan Project and the origin of U.S. nuclear weapons, via a replica of the Los Alamos lab plus autoradiographs made with uranium and photos of radium-dial alarm clocks
Curator: Jonathan Binstock
Catalogue: 80 pp.
Tour: To be announced
Mark Lombardi
George W. Bush, Harken Energy, and Jackson Stephens, ca. 1979-90 (5th version, detail)
  Mark Lombardi: Global Networks
Drawing Center
Nov. 1-Dec. 18, 2003
24 drawings from 1994-2000 diagramming the power relationships in several global financial and political scandals, in an exhibition organized by Independent Curators International
Curator: Robert Hobbs (Virginia Commonwealth U.)
Catalogue: 128 pp., $29.95
Hans Hoffman
The Voice of the Wind
  Hans Hofmann: A Retrospective
Naples (Fla.) Museum of Art
Nov. 1, 2003-Mar. 21, 2004
70 paintings, dating from 1918 to 1966, the final year of the artist's life
Curator: Karen Wilkin
Catalogue: 128 pp., George Braziller, $32
Also on view: 100 Artists See God," Nov. 1, 2003-Feb. 1, 2004
Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison
Flying Lesson
  Defying Gravity: Contemporary Art and Flight
North Carolina Museum of Art
Nov. 2, 2003-Mar. 7, 2004
Over 90 works by Vito Acconci, Heide Fasnacht, Yvonne Jacquette, Malcolm Morley, James Rosenquist, Panamarenko, John Schabel, Frank Stella, others
Curators: Huston Paschal, Linda Johnson Dougherty
Catalogue: 240 pp., Prestel, $55
Funding: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, NEA
Football players
AmeriKilt in black and Eagle green
American Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia, 2003
  Bravehearts: Men in Skirts
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Nov. 4, 2003-Feb. 8, 2004
Moral and social codes transgressed and masculinity redefined, via more than 100 gender-bending items from the Met's Costume Institute, ranging from ancient Greece and Rome and the "hyper-masculine" Scottish kilt to examples from Asia, Africa and Oceania and contemporary culture icons like David Bowie and Boy George
Tour: The exhibition originally appeared in smaller form at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London
Also on view: "The Art of Simplicity: Amish Quilts from the Collection of the Metropolitan Museum," Nov. 4, 2003-Feb. 1, 2004
Jean-Antoine Houdon
Franois-Marie Arouet, called Voltaire (1694-1778)
dated 1778
  Jean-Antoine Houdon: Sculptor of the Enlightenment
J. Paul Getty Museum
Nov. 4, 2003-Jan. 25, 2004
Princes, statesmen and intellectuals by the greatest portrait sculptor of the 18th century, in a show that debuted at the National Gallery in Washington, D.C. -- though the Getty show includes a new acquisition, the newly discovered Houdon bust of Marie-Sbastien-Charles-Francois Fontaine de Bir, last exhibited in 1785
Curator: Anne L. Poulet (Frick)
Catalogue : 384 pp, $85 cloth
Tour: Muse national du Chteau de Versailles, Mar. 1-May 30, 2004
Also on view: "Casting Characters: Portraits and Studies of Heads"
Salvador Dalí contemplates his Sleep of Nautilus, designed for Steuben Glass in 1938
  Glass and Glamour: Steuben's Modern Moment, 1930-1960
Museum of the City of New York
Nov. 7, 2003-Apr. 25, 2004
Marking the centennial of Steuben Glass, almost 200 objects (including 170 pieces of crystal) by Salvador Dali, Georgia O'Keeffe, Isamu Noguchi, Grant Wood, other artists, plus functional pieces made by the Steuben design staff
Curator Donald Albrecht
Catalogue: Glass and Glamour: Steuben's Modern Moment, 1930-1960, 96 pp., Abrams, $24.95
Funding: Corning, Inc.
Felix Gonzalez-Torres
"Untitled" (Silent Majority)
  Artist's Choice: Mona Hatoum, Here Is Elsewhere
Museum of Modern Art
Nov. 7, 2003-Feb. 2, 2004
The Palestinian and British artist selects works from the museum collection by Cindy Sherman, Robert Gober, Felix Gonzalez-Torres and others
Funding: Agnes Gund Artist's Choice Fund
Richard Serra
Gutter Corner Splash: Late Shift
  Primary Matters: The Minimalist Sensibility, 1959 to the Present
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Nov. 8, 2003-Jan. 11, 2004
Works from the collection by Jo Baer, Dan Flavin, Richard Serra and others
Jasper Johns
  Past Things and Present: Jasper Johns since 1983
Walker Art Center
Nov. 9, 2003-Feb. 14, 2004
Nearly 100 paintings, prints and drawings from the last two decades, with imagery that is intensely personal, melancholic and even surreal
Curator: Joan Rothfuss
Catalogue: $34.95 hardcover
Tour: Greenville County (S.C.) Museum of Art, Mar. 7-May 30, 2004; Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, July 10-Sept. 19; 2004, IVAM Institut Valencia d'Art Modern, Oct. 7, 2004-Jan. 2, 2005; Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, February-May 2004
Funding: Judy and Kenneth Dayton, Martha and Bruce Atwater, Margaret and Angus Wurtele, Broad Art Foundation, Fifth Floor Foundation
Wendell Castle
Library Sculpture
  The Maker's Hand: American Studio Furniture, 1940-1990
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Nov. 12, 2003-Feb. 8, 2004
More than 50 examples of the high-end, custom-made work that has revolutionized American decorative arts, from Wharton Esherick and George Nakashima to Wendell Castle and John Cederquist
Curator: Gerald W.R. Ward
Catalogue: 208 pp., MFA, $60 hardcover
Sponsor: Furniture Society
Lucas Samaras
  Unrepentant Ego: The Self-Portraits of Lucas Samaras
Whitney Museum of American Art
Nov. 13, 2003-Feb. 8, 2004
Sexuality, terror, mortality and transformation, via approximately 300 drawings, photographs, sculpture and film by the pioneering self-portraitist
Curator: Marla Prather
Funding: J.F. Costopoulos Foundation, Anne and Joel S. Ehrenkranz, others
Wangechi Mutu
  Looking Both Ways: Art of the Contemporary African Diaspora
Museum for African Art
Nov. 13, 2003-Mar. 1, 2004
New works and commissions by 12 artists, including Ghada Amer, Boladl Bamgboy, Allan deSouza, Kendell Geers, Hassan Musa, Wangechi Mutu, Yinka Shonibare, others
Curator: Laurie Ann Farrell
Tour: Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, Mass., Mar. 24-July 18, 2004; Cranbrook Art Museum, Sept. 12-Nov. 28, 2004, five other venues, to be announced
Funding: Altria
    Corporal Identity - Body Language, 9th triennial for Form and Content - USA and Germany
Museum of Arts and Design
Nov. 14, 2003-June 4, 2004
The body, inside and outside, identity, memory and gender, via 200 works by nearly 150 artists
Curators: Ursula Ilse-Neuman (MAD), David Revere McFadden (MAD), Sabine Runde (Frankfurt MAK), Stefan Soltek (Klingspor)
Tour: The exhibition has already appeared at the Museum fr Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt, and the Klingspor Museum for Book Art, Offenbach, its co-organizing institutions
Andrea del Verrocchio
David (detail)
ca. 1465
  Verrocchio's David Restored: A Renaissance Bronze from the National Museum of the Bargello, Florence
High Museum of Art
Nov. 18, 2003-Feb. 8, 2004
Vibrant gilding, new anatomical details and a repositioned head of Goliath, in a show mounted in collaboration with the National Museum of the Bargello in Florence
Tour: National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
Also on view: "After Whistler: The Artist and his Influence on American Painting"
Arshille Gorky
Virginia Landscape
  Arshile Gorky: A Retrospective of Drawings
Whitney Museum of American Art
Nov. 20, 2003-Feb. 15, 2004
140 drawings
Curator: Janie C. Lee with Melvin P. Lader (George Washington U.)
Catalogue: 272 pp., Whitney, $60
Tour: Menil Collection
Funding: Leonard and Evelyn Lauder Foundation, Thomas H. Lee and Ann G. Tenenbaum, Aaron I. Fleischman, others
John Currin
  John Currin
Whitney Museum of American Art
Nov. 20, 2003-Feb. 22, 2004
Nourishment and transgression, via approximately 40 high-finish figurative paintings by the American artist who was born in 1962
Curators: Staci Boris (MCA), Rochelle Steiner (Serpentine)
Tour: The show has already appeared at the Chicago MCA and the Serpentine Gallery, London, its co-organizing institutions
Funding: Donna and Howard Stone, Edwin C. Cohen and the Blessing Way Foundation, Andrea and James Gordon, David Teiger, others
Kishio Koizumi
in "Tokyo: The Imperial Capital"
  Tokyo: The Imperial Capital
Wolfsonian-Florida International University, Miami Beach
Nov. 20, 2003-May 2, 2004
Woodblock prints by Kishio Koizumi (1893-1945) chronicling the transformation of the Japanese capital during the Showa Era, 1928-40
Lisa Suvanto
Dress "Korppi"
  Marimekko: Fabrics, Fashion, Architecture
Bard Graduate Center, New York
Nov. 21, 2003-Feb. 15, 2004
150 examples of fabrics, fashion, accessories and architecture by the Helsinki design house founded by Armi Ratia
Curator: Marianne Aav (Finnish Museum of Art and Design)
Catalogue: 286 pp., Yale, $75
    Crimes and Misdemeanors: Politics in U.S. Art of the 1980s
Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati
Nov. 22, 2003-Nov. 21, 2004
Works by 55 artists arranged in four themes: Having/Not; Identity/Constructs; Institutional/Critiques; and Sex/Kills
Also on view : "Moshekwa Langa," a new project by the South African installation artist
Xavier Tavera
Celia Cruz (detail)
  L Factor
Exit Art Nov. 22, 2003-Feb. 21, 2004
Conceptual portraits of 27 Latino figures, including Jennifer Lopez, Sammy Sosa, Carolina Herrera, Frida Kahlo, Chico Mendes and Speedy Gonzalez, by 30 Latino artists
Curators: Jeanette Ingberman, Papo Colo, Jodi Hanel, Jenny Moore, Camila Marambio and five guest curators
Paul Wonner
Dutch Still Life with Stacked Objects and Telephone (detail)
  The Not-So-Still Life: A Century of California Painting and Sculpture
San Jose Museum of Art
Nov. 22, 2003-Feb. 15, 2004
California's distinctive approach to still life, via 100 works by California Impressionists (Joseph Kleitsch, Edgar Payne, Guy Rose), early modernists (Hans Burkhardt, Lorser Feitelson, Stanton McDonald-Wright) and artists of the Beat, Pop and assemblage movements of the post-war period (Franz Bischoff, George Herms, Edward Ruscha, Peter Shelton, Wayne Thiebaud, Robert Therrien and others)
Curators: Susan Landauer, William Gerdts, Patricia Trenton
Catalogue: 225 pp., San Jose Museum / UC Press
Funding: Deborah and Andy Rappaport, others
"November 22, 1963: Image, Memory, Myth"
  November 22, 1963: Image, Memory, Myth
Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh
Nov. 22, 2003-Mar. 21, 2004
Coinciding with the 40th anniversary of JFK's assassination, a show of photos, news reports and other documents, and two bodies of work by Warhol -- portraits of Jackie from 1964 and a rarely-seen series of 11 screenprints based on newswire copy called Flash-November 22, 1963 -- organized in collaboration with the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealy Plaza in Dallas.
    The Golden Age of American Impressionism
Heckscher Museum of Art, Huntington, N.Y.
Nov. 22, 2003-Feb. 1, 2004
56 works by 27 artists, dating from 1890 to 1930
Curator: William H. Gerdts (CUNY)
Catalogue: 128 pp., Watson-Guptill
Sponsors: Tilles Investments, Symbol Technologies, NYSCA, others
Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg
Woman in Front of a Mirror
  Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg, 1783-1853
National Gallery of Art
Nov. 23, 2003-Feb. 29, 2004
Coinciding with the 150th anniversary of the birth of the influential Danish academician, a show of 52 works including Neoclassical allegories, Roman landscapes, candid nudes and portraits, and exacting marine paintings
Curators: Philip Conisbee (NGA), Kasper Monrad (Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen)
Catalogue: 192 pp., NGA
Sponsor: Her Majesty Queen Margrethe and His Royal Highness Prince Henrik's Fund, Danish Ministry of Culture, Lockheed Martin, Augustinus Foundation, Bikuben Foundation, Scandinavian Airlines System, GroupIVFalck, Wackenhut Corporation, Beckett Foundation, Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals
Charles Bargue
Bras de Mose de Michel-Ange
ca. 1868
  Charles Bargue: The Art of Drawing
Dahesh Museum of Art
Nov. 25, 2003-Feb. 8, 2004
The 19th-century academic drawing curriculum, via 157 of Bargue's 197 lithographed Cours de Dessin drawings, plus the artist's jewel-like oils, drawings and plaster casts
Curator: Gerald M. Ackerman