artnet Products—a unique portfolio

On its online platform, artnet offers a wide range of free and paid products and services explicitly tailored to the needs of art market participants. In this way, artnet brings all parts of the art market together in one place. While the paid services directly generate sales, the free services are used to further increase the number of visitors to its website, and to draw the attention of potential customers to artnet services.

Art Valuation

artnet Price Database

The artnet Price Database Fine Art and Design and the artnet Price Database Decorative Art are online databases with images, allowing subscribers to compare prices and track price developments in the art market. The artnet Price Database Fine Art and Design has more than 7 million color-illustrated Fine Art and Design auction results from over 27 years, including a total of over 1,400 auction houses and over 280,000 artists. The artnet Price Database Decorative Art is an essential valuation tool for appraisers, dealers, and collectors of Antiques, containing over 1.8 million international auction records from 255 auction houses in 28 countries worldwide. The artnet Price Database enables users to choose between different payment models, from a day pass to annual subscriptions.

artnet Analytics Reports

artnet Analytics Reports allow you to benchmark the performance of artists, categories, and customized series of artworks against financial indices, such as the S&P 500 and Dow Jones, or assets such as gold. Analytics Reports are dynamic and customizable, providing comprehensive analysis based on millions of auction results from the artnet Price Database.

artnet Market Reports

artnet Market Reports provide information on the market development of more than 4,300 artists. Buyers and sellers can access, for example, information on the development of sales volume or the percentage of lots not sold. artnet Market Reports thus help make decisions regarding the best time to buy or sell art.

Buy and Sell

artnet Auctions

artnet Auctions provides an online transaction platform for the art market, modernizing the international auction business by enabling fast and direct contact between buyer and seller. Compared to the traditional auction business, artnet customers benefit from lower transaction costs and faster processing. This gives artwork providers another tool to develop their business. For each lot, artnet receives a listing fee from the seller and also earns a sales commission on each transaction, as well as a 20% buyer's premium on all lots with a winning bid or purchase now price under US$250,000, and a 10% buyer's premium on all lots with a winning bid or purchase now price of US$250,000 and above.

artnet Galleries

artnet Galleries provides a virtual showroom that displays current works from more than 1,700 galleries. This global network offers visitors an opportunity to view more than 170,000 works by over 35,000 artists. The artnet user is provided with detailed information on a work's title, size, and material, and can directly contact the gallery that is offering the displayed artwork. The service is free to artnet visitors.

artnet Auction Houses

artnet features a directory of 1,400 international auction houses, listing their schedules and results. artnet regularly compiles the 10 highest sale prices of the previous month and provides reports with details on the most interesting lots.

artnet Market Alert

With artnet Market Alert, users can easily track their favorite artists at any time. artnet notifies the subscriber when works of a particular artist are offered at international auctions, or at one of the artnet galleries.

Knowledge and News

Artists A–Z

This directory provides an overview of the over 280,000 artists posted on artnet, including auction lots, artworks for sale, and upcoming exhibitions.

artnet Insights

artnet Insights is a new resource center that educates users about how to value, buy, and sell art. This section of the site gives greater exposure to artnet clients, and provides one with the tools necessary to understand the art world and the art market.

artnet Calendar

The artnet Calendar provides an overview of current and future events at thousands of international galleries and auction houses.

artnet Monographs

artnet Monographs provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on the works of selected artists worldwide. artnet compiles the information by working closely with artists, galleries, or custodians. These monographs are free for artnet visitors.

artnet Newsletter

The artnet Newsletter regularly provides subscribers with up-to-date news and information about the art market, artists, galleries, art fairs, auctions, and other art events.