Our Products

artnet offers a wide range of free and paid services explicitly tailored to the needs of the art market community. In this way, artnet brings all sectors of the art market together in one place. While the paid services directly generate sales, the free services are used to further increase the number of visitors to its site, and to attract potential clients.

Art Valuation

artnet Price Database

The artnet Price Database is an online archive, allowing subscribers to compare prices and track price developments in the art market. The Price Database contains more than 8 million color-illustrated Fine Art, Design, and Decorative Art auction results dating back to 1985, from over 1,600 international auction houses and more than 300,000 artists. The Price Database enables users to choose between different payment models, from a day pass to annual subscriptions.

artnet Analytics Reports

artnet Analytics Reports allow users to benchmark the performance of artists, categories, and customized series of artworks against financial indices, such as the S&P 500 and Dow Jones, or other assets, such as gold. Analytics Reports are dynamic and customizable, providing comprehensive analysis based on millions of auction results from the artnet Price Database.

Buy and Sell

artnet Auctions

artnet Auctions is an online transaction platform for the art market, modernizing the international auction business by enabling fast and direct contact between buyers and sellers. Compared to the traditional auction business, artnet customers benefit from lower transaction costs and faster processing. This gives artwork providers another tool to develop their business. For each lot, artnet receives a listing fee from the seller, and also earns a sales commission on each transaction, as well as a 20% Buyer's Premium on all lots.

artnet Gallery Network

The artnet Gallery Network provides a virtual showroom that displays current works from more than 1,600 galleries. This global network offers visitors an opportunity to view more than 170,000 works by over 35,000 artists. The artnet user is provided with detailed information on a work's title, size, and medium, and can contact galleries directly through their membersite.

artnet Auction House Partnerships

artnet Auction House Partnerships allow international auction houses to gain exposure for their auctions, while showcasing important works to artnet users around the world. Partnership members have the ability to link traffic between artnet and their proprietary site. This service offers three membership levels and six unique programs to benefit a global client base.

artnet Market Alerts

With artnet Market Alerts, users can easily track their favorite artists when new artworks are offered for sale on artnet Auctions, in auction houses worldwide, or in artnet galleries. Email notifications also include upcoming events.

artnet Advertising

Advertising is available in many prominent locations throughout the artnet site. These ads offer sophisticated targeting and tracking capabilities, including geo-targeting, keyword targeting, image capping, and more. Personalized placements provide maximum flexibility, combining the power of our high-volume, targeted audience and extensive social media outreach.

Knowledge and News

Artists A–Z

This directory provides an overview of over 300,000 artists, including auction lots, artworks for sale, and upcoming exhibitions.

artnet News

artnet News is the world’s first dedicated 24-hour international art market newswire. This platforms informs, engages, and connects members of the art community to the events, trends, developments and people shaping the market and global art industry.


Events is designed to be the premier destination to discover art world happenings at the most important galleries, auction houses, art fairs, and museums from around the world.

artnet Monographs

artnet Monographs provide comprehensive and up-to-date information on the works of selected international artists. artnet compiles the information by working closely with artists, galleries, and estates.

artnet Newsletter

The artnet Newsletter regularly provides subscribers with up-to-date news and information about the art market, artists, galleries, art fairs, auctions, and other art world events.