CEO and Supervisory Board

Jacob Pabst

Jacob Pabst

CEO of

Jacob Pabst has over 12 years of experience in the art world. He studied Economics, and held various leadership positions at artnet before taking on the position of CEO.

Pabst began at artnet in 2000 doing sales in Europe and quickly became involved as a leader in product development and new technologies. In 2009, he took on additional departments as chief information officer, responsible for product development, engineering, content management, SEO, and quality assurance. Pabst held this position until January 2012, at which time he became president of Artnet Worldwide Corporation and led operations in New York, NY.

Under his direction, the artnet site and infrastructure have been materially improved, several new products launched including artnet Auctions (in 2008) and artnet Analytics (in 2012), marketing has been reoriented and professionalized, and artnet successfully entered social media. Additionally, Pabst streamlined both technology and operations for greater savings and efficiency.

Supervisory Board

John Hushon

Member since 2000

Hans Neuendorf

Deputy Chairman
Member since July 2013

Piroschka Dossi

Member of the Supervisory Board
Member since August 2013