Business and Strategy

The Pillars of Business Activity

artnet AG offers a wide variety of products and services. The business mainly rests on four strong pillars securing steady revenue streams, and generating stable earnings for the company.

artnet Gallery Network

With more buyers than the largest art fair, the Gallery Network enables galleries across the world to promote their artworks to artnet's wide audience of collectors, dealers, and connoisseurs, for a monthly membership fee.

artnet Price Database

This comprehensive archive, containing more than 8 million color-illustrated Fine Art, Design, and Decorative Art auction results dating back to 1985, allows both private and institutional members to find lots from more than 1,600 auction houses worldwide, for a subscription fee.

artnet Auctions

artnet Auctions is a 24/7 online auctions platform for buying and selling art. artnet receives a selling fee for each lot, and earns a commission for every purchase made.

artnet Advertising

artnet's three domains—,, and—allow advertisers to reach an affluent, passionate, and educated audience engaged in the art and luxury markets.

Strategic direction: more than a pure information service provider-artnet as a transaction platform

"We pursue a strategy that is bringing about a long-term transformation of our company from an information to a transaction platform. So artnet will participate directly in transactions, and therefore in the growing business volume of the art market. This has been and will be our declared goal."

— artnet founder Hans Neuendorf

After primarily providing services for the art market in the past, artnet has been operating the artnet Auctions platform since 2008, where all participants can quickly and cost-effectively conduct their businesses. artnet already has a leading position in the area of information services for the art market and now plays a crucial role in providing transaction services. This is reflected in endeavors to develop new market segments on artnet, and to drive the company's growth.