February 5, 2013

Art Services


AARC Group

  • • Appraisers & Consultants for Fine Art & Decorative Art
  • • Professional appraisals for Fine Art & Decorative Art since 1974
  • • Serving international collectors, museums and historical societies, the corporate world, governmental agencies, and artists
  • • Appraisals for insurance, estate and tax planning , charitable contributions, damage and loss specialists, equitable distribution, matrimonial purposes, sale, and purchase
  • • Collection advice and planning
  • • Experienced expert witness testimony, litigation support, trial preparation, and fraud investigation
  • • Appraisal methodology and review specialists
  • • American Society of Appraisers accredited and Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) tested professional appraisers
  • • Expert speakers available

Ellen J. Epstein, ASA
AARC Group
5 Lake Wood Drive
Katonah, NY 10536
Tel. +1-914-232-0102
Fax: +1-914-301-5243
Cell: +1-914-400-5456
Email: ee@theartappraiser.com
URL: www.theartappraiser.com


Appraisal Resource Associates, Inc.

  • • Frances Zeman, ASA, is an American Society of Appraisers senior member, accredited to appraise Fine Art for purposes of insurance, donations, estates/estate planning, equitable distribution, damage and loss, and mergers/acquisitions
  • • Ms. Zeman has a Master’s degree in Art History, and specializes in litigation support valuation disputes
  • • Advisory services are also available, as are appraisal services for Antiques and Decorative Art

Frances Zeman, ASA, Inc
Appraisal Resource Associates, Inc.
133 Pacific Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
New York: +1-212-432-6530
Brooklyn: +1-718-852-4961
Garden City: +1-516-326-2715
Fax: +1-718-643-6486
Email: franzasa@aol.com
URL: www.appraisalresources.com


Alex J. Rosenberg, A.A.A./A.S.A. Appraisals

  • • Alex J. Rosenberg, former president of the Appraisers Association of America and Certified/Senior Appraiser in personal/Fine Art, works with galleries, museums, banks, attorneys, accountants, and individuals
  • • Highly qualified, with over 25 years of experience, in matters involving the IRS, estates, tax free gifts, equitable distribution, property loss, business valuation, and serving as an expert witness
  • • Assists with buying or selling at auction and donations to museums
  • • Areas of expertise and specialization include estates, donations, appeals from I.R.S. rulings, equitable distribution for commercial and matrimonial matters, insurance claims and appeals, valuation of business and collateral, bank loans and financing, serving as a consultant or an expert trial witness, trial preparation, and review appraising

Alex Rosenberg Fine Art
3 East 69th Street
New York, NY 10021
Tel. +1-212-628-0606
Fax: +1-212-628-4969
Email: ARfineArt@aol.com
URL: www.alexrosenbergfineart.com/


Art Peritus Appraisers & Advisors

  • • Art Peritus is a full-service boutique art advisory and appraisal firm with over 35 specialists in all areas of fine and decorative arts, including Fine Art, Sculpture, Photography, American and European Furniture, Asian Works of Art, Silver, Ceramics, Clocks, Rugs & Carpets, Books, Antiquities, Wine, and Jewelry
  • • With an average of 20 years of practice in their chosen fields, our specialists come from backgrounds in international art auction houses, galleries, art advisory firms, private art collections, and museums, providing the understanding needed on the diversity of the art marketplace
  • • Art Peritus provides Qualified USPAP compliant appraisals for insurance, donation, estate tax, and equitable distribution
  • • We provide services to assist with the acquisition, disposition, and database management of our clients’ collections
  • • As members of the Appraisers Association of America, Inc., we are committed to delivering quality expert service with consistency and dependability to all of our clients, which include accountants, attorneys, corporations, insurance brokers and companies, museums, and private collectors

Art Peritus, LLC
1 Brooklyn Bridge Park
360 Furman Street, Suite 1006
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Tel. +1-212-566-6626
Fax: +1-206-984-4548
Email: info@artperitus.com
URL: www.artperitus.com



  • • ARTXPRT is an appraisal company located in Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara

    Robert I. Levy
    9489 Dayton Way
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210
    Tel. +1-310-276-3687
    Tel. +1-800 ARTXPRT (New York or California only)
    URL: www.artxprt.com/
    Email: rlevy@artxprt.com


Hannibal International Fine Art Services

  • • Hannibal International Fine Art Services provides appraisal services specializing in 20th-century African American Art and cultural literature, in accordance with the uniform standards of professional appraisal practice
  • • Our services include inventory cataloguing, collection management, art location services, and seminars

    Mark Dabney, Appraiser and Consultant
    Hannibal International Fine Art Services
    199 Greene Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11238
    Tel. +1-718-399-6106
    Email: mdabney310@aol.com


Michael Maloney Fine Art Appraisal Services

  • • Michael is a certified appraiser of 20th-century paintings, drawings, sculpture, prints, and photographs
  • • He has 25 years of experience successfully working within the Fine Art field on both the east and west coasts
  • • Michael has a diversified history of working with middle market and high-end property, while maintaining longstanding relationships with both private clients and dealers, auction houses, and the international art trade
  • • His institutional clients include The Getty Museum, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art, in Los Angeles, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, de Young Museum, in San Francisco, The Portland Museum, The Oakland Museum, The Guggenheim Museum, in New York, The Whitney Museum of American Art, in New York, and The Hirschhorn Museum, in Washington D.C.

  • Michael Maloney Fine Art Appraisal Services
    2680 South La Cienega Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90034
    Tel. +1-310- 570-6420
    Fax: +1-310- 829-0885
    Email: michael@maloneyfineart.com
    URL: www.maloneyfineart.com/


Kagan Fine Art Appraisals
Bonnie Kagan, Art Advisor & Appraiser

  • • Bonnie Kagan offers over 20 years of experience as an art dealer and adviser
  • • Bonnie Kagan Gallery, Inc. represented Contemporary Canadian and American artists in drawing and painting
  • • Presently specializing in the handling of art in estates, including appraisal valuations, historical research for authorship and authenticity, and the preparation of collections for successful re-entry into the market
  • • Art buying and selling and collection building
  • • Member of American Society of Appraisers (ASA) and Candidate for Appraisers Association of America (AAA)
  • • All reports are prepared in accordance with the "Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice" for the purpose of insurance scheduling or damage/ loss replacement, charitable donations, estate settlement, legal issues, and collateral loans on art

Bonnie Kagan
115 East 92nd Street
New York, NY 10128
Tel. +1-212-518-8690
Fax: +1-212-427-3742
Email: kaganfineart@gmail.com


Jacqueline Silverman & Associates, Inc.

  • • With over 20 years of experience, Jacqueline Silverman & Associates specializes in the appraisal of Impressionist, Modern, and Contemporary works of Fine Art, in all media
  • • Among the types of appraisals we most often prepare are replacement cost value appraisals for insurance purposes, and fair market value appraisals for both charitable contributions and estate purposes
  • • Each of our appraisal reports is thoroughly researched and complies with the standards set forth in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice of the Appraisal Foundation and by the Appraisers Association of America

Los Angeles:
619 North Almont Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90069
Tel. +1-310-277-4410
Fax: +1-310-659-1001

New York:
300 East 77th Street
Suite 9C
New York, NY 10075
Tel. +1-212-717-8120
Fax: +1-212-717-8124
Email: jackie@jsilvermanappraisals.com
URL: www.jsilvermanappraisals.com/home.html


O'Toole-Ewald Art Associates, Inc.

  • • Full service, fully-staffed appraisal firm specializing in damage/loss/fraud reports concerning both Fine Art and Decorative Art, as well as comprehensive insurance, fair market and donation appraisals for corporations, foundations, and banking institutions
  • • Staff members are required to have advanced degrees, or have held curatorial positions at museums
  • • Permanent in-house staff permits specialist staff to take on large-scale appraisals involving diversified art, antiques, and artifacts
  • • Expert witness testimony is available in cases involving disputes regarding equitable distribution, valuation, and appropriate appraisal methodologies
  • • All firm members adhere to the highest standards of USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice), regulated by subcommittee of Congress, and the guidelines of American Society of Appraisers

O'Toole-Ewald Art Associates, Inc.
1133 Broadway
New York, NY 10010
Tel. +1-212-989-5151
Fax: +1-212-242-1629
Email: otoole_ewald@compuserve.com
URL: www.otoole-ewald.com


Page Art Inc.

  • • Since 1983, Page Art Inc. has evaluated over US$650 million of Fine Art and personal property in California and across the United States
  • • Our appraisals of art, antiques, furnishings, and collectibles are tailored to each client's needs and conform to industry standards
  • • Whether it’s French paintings, Tiffany glass, or classic film posters, we deliver accurate valuations on one item, a collection, or an entire estate
  • • Our documentation is supported by digital or 35mm photography
  • • Videotape services are also available

Fredrick N. Page
Page Art Inc.
2865 East Coast Highway, Suite #300
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625
Tel. +1-949- 675-4100
URL: www.page-art.com


Robyn Roderick Fine Art Appraisal Services

  • • A professional appraiser can help you manage your interests by providing a well-developed and documented unbiased estimate of value, upon which you can base your financial decisions
  • • Robyn Roderick is a certified and accredited member of the American Society of Appraisers, specializing in Fine Art appraisals for insurance, estates, equitable distribution, and donation purposes
  • • All appraisals are prepared in accordance with the Uniform Standards of the Professional Appraisers Practice

Robyn Roderick
Robyn Roderick Fine Art Appraisal Services
P.O. Box 345
Swarthmore, PA 19081
Tel. +1-610-308-7789
Email: roderickappraisals@verizon.net
URL: www.rroderickfineartappraisals.com/


Jane St. Lifer Art, Inc. (Est. 1986)

  • • Jane St. Lifer has 25 years of experience in the international art world
  • • She is a Certified Appraiser in conformity with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), of the Appraisal Foundation, in Washington, D.C.
  • • She is qualified to appraise paintings, prints, photographs, posters, and sculptures from the 19th- and 20th- centuries, by American, European, Israeli, Japanese, and Latin American artists

Jane St. Lifer Art, Inc.
243 West End Avenue #810
New York, NY 10023
Tel. +1-212-580-2102
Fax: +1-212-579-7470
Email: jane@stliferart.com
URL: www.stliferart.com/

Art Insurance

AXA Art Insurance Corporation (AXA Art)
  • • The world's leading insurer of Fine Art and collectibles
  • • Our expertise: We insure objects in every active area of serious collecting, from paintings, drawings, and sculpture to rare stamps, antique furnishings, and vintage vehicles
  • • Our 50 full-time art historians around the world are augmented by an extensive network of renowned curators, appraisers, conservators, shippers and handlers, and tax consultants
  • • Our clients: Through our brokers, we serve a wide range of individuals, from first-time purchasers to the world's most respected collectors, as well as museums, galleries, corporations, and public exhibitions
  • • We have offices in New York (our headquarters), Beverly Hills, Chicago, and Dallas, and sister offices in Brussels, Cologne, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, and Zurich


Barta & Partner

  • • Barta & Partner have been specializing in art insurance for many years
  • • We work with many internationally renowned auction houses, museums, galleries, and collectors
  • • Our client list includes:

       Art Links:
          Galerie Hilger
          Galerie Hans Knoll, Wien - Budapest

       Organizers and Museums:
          Graphische Sammlung Albertina
          Museum fuer angewandte Kunst
          TEFAF The European Fine Art Foundation

       Auction Houses:
          Butterfield & Butterfield San Francisco
          Christies International
          Lempertz Koeln
          Sotheby's International

  • • For more information on us and on which of your valuables should be covered, visit www.kunstversicherung.at, or contact us directly at:

Barta & Partner
Concordiaplatz 2/7
1010 Vienna
Tel. +43 1 523 08 40
Fax: +43 1 532 08 40 10
Email: art@kunstversicherung.at


Hallett Independent

  • • Hallett Independent provides a specialist consultancy and advisory service worldwide, on all areas of art insurance, in particular to galleries and dealers, traveling exhibition organizers, and private collectors
  • • Make sure that you have the best cover available at the most competitive rates, and that your insurance broker keeps you up-to-date with the most recent savings and improvements

Louise Hallett
Asset House
7-9 Quay Street
Lymington, Hampshire SO41 3AS, UK
Tel. +44 (0)15 9067 2888
Fax: +44 (0)15 9068 9444
Email: info@hallettindependent.com

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