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Frequently asked questions about my artnet account and my billing information

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1. Why create an account with artnet?

    Many of our services are free and do not require an account, such as:
    artnet Artists A–Z
    artnet Gallery Network
    artnet Calendar
    artnet Auction Houses
    If you want to make the most out of artnet site, we recommend creating an account with artnet, to:
    Receive the artnet Newsletter, with all you need to know about the art market in one monthly email
    Use our premium products with high added value, such as the artnet Price Database and artnet Market Alert to value art, and artnet Auctions to bid on exceptional artworks online.
    Receive personalized information emails, based on the preferences you indicate… And only if you want it.

2. How do I create an account with artnet?

    Click “Not Registered?” at the top right of any artnet Page. There you will see, ”Not registered with artnet? Enter your information to create an account.”

    Enter the required information, such as you name and email address, choose a password, and then click “Create Account.”

3. How do I sign up for a subscription?

    All artnet subscription plans are available through the top navigation. After you have selected an artnet product that you would like to purchase and clicked the purchase button, you will be asked to log in to an existing account, or create a new account. If you already have an account with artnet, enter your username and password and click “Log In.”

    If you need to create a new account, follow these three steps:
    Step 1 Personal Information
    Enter the appropriate information in the spaces provides, such as your name, and create a unique Username and Password. All fields are required. Agree to the artnet Terms and Conditions and the artnet Privacy Policy, and click “Create Account.”
    Step 2 Billing Information
    Enter the full name on the credit card you are using, and complete all fields. Enter the billing address for the card on the bottom half of the screen.

    *Note: The billing address is not necessarily the same as your home address.

    Agree to allow artnet to charge your credit card, and click “Save and Continue.”
    Step 3 Place Your Order
    Review your billing information and basket. If anything is incorrect, click “Edit” to update the information.

    Click “Place Order” to complete your purchase. You will be redirected to a confirmation page, displaying your purchase summary. Click “Go to My Account” to access your available products and services.

    On your My Account page you will see artnet products listed separately. Those that you are currently subscribed to are shown in white, and products that you do not have a current subscription to are shown in grey; simply click the corresponding buttons to use your current subscriptions, or to learn more about additional products.

4. I am having trouble logging in. What can I do?

    Here is a brief list of common login issues and solutions:
    1.Is the caps lock key currently turned on? Your login information is case specific. Please make sure that you are using the correct letter cases for your password.
    2.What time and date does your computer’s clock currently show? If the time or date is incorrect artnet will not be able to log you in for security reasons.
    3.Have you recently cleared your cookies and cache of temporary data? artnet uses what are called session cookies to recognize that you have logged into the site. Depending on your personal browsing patterns you may need to clear your cookies in order to login to artnet.
    4.You may need to configure your browser to have the correct security settings.
    Please follow this guide to show you how to turn these settings on.

5. I only signed up for a one-month subscription, but my credit card has been billed again this month.
Why was I charged a second time?

    Artnet offers monthly subscriptions, which are auto-renewing, for your convenience and continuous access to the service. For example, the following products are auto-renewing every month:
    The artnet Price Database Fine Art and Design, Individual Rollover
    The artnet Price Database Fine Art and Design Professional Rollover
    All artnet Market Alert subscriptions
    The artnet Price Database Decorative Art monthly subscription
    There is currently no one-month subscription available on artnet. But you can cancel your subscription at any time, before the renew date listed on your My Account page. If you cancel before the renew date, you will be able to access your subscription until the renew date, but your subscription will not be renewed. You will not be charged any fee to cancel your subscription.

6. I would like to know more about Value Added Tax. Where can I find more information?

7. How do I update my personal information?

    Step 1: Log in to your account and click “Update Billing/Contact Info” in the grey Account box, on the right of the screen; you will be redirected to a page displaying your billing address and credit card information.
    Step 2: Enter your updated information and click “Update.”

8. How do I update my credit card information?

    You can update your credit card information online.
    Step 1: Log in to your account and click “Update Billing/Contact Info.”
    Step 2: Enter your updated information and click “Update” to save all changes.
    *If your subscription has recently closed due to billing issues, please click “Renew” listed under the name of your previous subscription, and enter updated billing information.

9. How do I change my password?

    You can change your password online.
    Step 1: Log in to your account and click “Change Password” in the grey Account box, on the right of the screen.
    Step 2: Enter your new password and password hint and click “Change Password” to save all changes.

10. How do I cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel any auto-renewing subscription by logging into your My Account page.
    Step 1: Log in to your account and view My Products.
    Step 2: All current subscriptions (i.e. Individual Rollover, Professional Rollover, Market Alert, etc.) are accompanied by a “Cancel” button. Click “Cancel”; a pop-up window will ask “Are you sure you want to cancel this service?” Click “Yes.”

    On the My Account page, you will now see Subscription Status: Set to Cancel, and Expires within 30 days. You may continue to use your product until the cancellation date. Your subscription will then be canceled and you will receive a confirmation email to the address associated with your account.

11. What is the artnet refund policy?

    Refunds are only issued within three months of the charge date. Charges older than three months are considered indisputable. The maximum refund, regardless of reason, is three months worth of a subscription.

    Refunds are granted in the instance that:
    1.artnet has erroneously charged a client
    2.A client has requested cancellation by phone or email and it has been recorded in the artnet phone records, but the account was not cancelled
    Refunds are not issued when:
    1.A client is unaware of the automatic renewal policy on any applicable subscriptions
    2.A client is unhappy with the quality of the service, information in the database, or timing of
    3.the market alerts
    4.A client has used the subscription (such as searched the artnet Price Database or purchased an artnet Market Report)
    5.A Market Alert subscriber fails to enter the artists into her/his profile and no alerts are sent
    6.A Market Alert subscriber does not provide a valid email address
    7.A customer has more than one artnet Price Database account, but each is under a different username
    8.A client wants to upgrade artnet Price Database accounts, but has used the original account prior to the upgrade request
    9.A client is unaware of product Terms of Use or changes to those Terms, as defined in the artnet Subscription Agreement

12. Do I need JavaScript turned on in my browser? If so, how do I do this?

    artnet uses JavaScript to enhance the user's browsing experience. Most common browsers (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox) already have JavaScript turned on by default, so there's no configuration necessary. If you suspect that JavaScript was turned off in your browser, please follow these instructions to turn it on:
    With Internet Explorer 6 and higher (Windows):
    Click on the Tools menu
    Select Internet Options
    Click on the Security tab
    Click on the “Custom Level” button located at the bottom of the window
    Scroll down until you see Scripting. It should be near the bottom of the list
    Under Active scripting, make sure the option Enable is chosen
    Click “OK.” Click “OK” again to close the Internet Options
    With Internet Explorer 5 (Macintosh):
    1.Click “Preferences” in the Explorer menu
    2.Click “Web Content” under the Web Browser option
    3.Under Active Content, click the checkbox “Enable scripting”
    4.Make sure Java is enabled
    5.Click “OK”
    Firefox 2.x.x and 3.x.x (Windows):
    1.On the Tools menu, click Options
    2.Click on the Content icon
    3.Check the box next to Enable JavaScript.
    4.Click the Advanced button to open the Advanced JavaScript Options box
    5.Check the boxes under Allow scripts to section that you want to allow
    6.Click “OK.” Click “OK” again to close the Options box
    With Firefox 2.x.x and Higher (Macintosh):
    1.Click on Firefox and select Preferences
    2.Click on the Content tab
    3.Ensure that “Enable JavaScript” is checked
    4.Close the window
    5.Quit/exit Mozilla Firefox after you change settings and then re-start the application
    With Safari (Macintosh):
    1.Click on Safari, then select Preferences
    2.Click on the Security tab
         a. Under Web Content, ensure that Enable plug-ins and Enable JavaScript are checked
    3.Close the window
    4.Quit/exit Safari after you change settings and then re-start the application

13. I registered for a new account on artnet but did not receive an email confirmation. What should I do?

If you have further questions, please email us at or call +1-212-497-9700.

Our customer support team is available as follows:

Monday–Friday 9 a.m.–5 p.m. (EST)
Saturday 10 a.m.–6 p.m. (EST)
+49 (0)30 20 91 78 0
Monday–Friday 9 a.m.–6 p.m. (CET)