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1. I'm interested in a particular artist; is this artist available for an Analytics Report?

    Over 600 artists are available from a variety of collecting categories. As artists are analyzed by the analytics team, artists with sufficient sales history and comparable sets will be added to the product. Currently, the artnet Analytics product focuses on artists of the 20th and 21st centuries.

    If the artist you are looking for is not available, please email us, or call at +1-212-497-9700, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m. (EST). We would be happy to assess the requested artist. If the artist meets the necessary requirements, we will provide you with an estimated time of completion and a confirmation as to when the report is ready to be purchased.

2. Which report is right for me?

    artnet Analytics Reports provide collectors, dealers, buyers, and auction houses with a new and unique way to gauge the performance of artists sold at auction. Currently, we provide four different reports online through our dynamic report wizard.

    Artist Market Report: Create a report tracking the performance of all artworks by an artist against artnet Indices, as well as financial indices. Reports include sell-through rates, price estimates, top prices, and biographical information.

    Artwork Analysis Report: Compare sets of artworks from a single artist to illustrate price trends, or combine similar artworks to view the performance of a specific series.

    Multiple Artists Report: Compare or combine the performance of selected artists to illustrate price trends over time. Every artist can be weighted individually to match your collection.

    artnet Top Picks: Select a ready-made report on current topics and market trends. Reports are curated by artnet art market analysts.

    In addition to these four reports, we can provide custom analysis for those looking for more specific data. Please email us, or call at +1-212-497-9700 for more information.

3. How long does it take for me to receive my completed report?

    The time required to create a report varies depending on report type and the complexity of calculation involved. In general, Artist Market Reports and artnet Top Picks are created instantly and should be available for viewing promptly after purchase. Artwork Analysis Reports and Multiple Artists Reports are created in real time and may take several minutes before they are ready to be reviewed. In case of a delay, you will be notified as soon as the report is ready.

4. What information is included in an Analytics Report?

    Each report includes unique graphs and charts, allowing you to visualize the requested data. For more details, please refer to the product page, where you can access sample reports.

5. What format do my reports come in?

    Analytics Reports are saved on the My Reports page as dynamic reports. You can control how charts and graphs are displayed by altering the time frame, choosing different visualization options, and adding other financial indices to compare. The reports may also be downloaded in a Portable Document Format (PDF) for the convenience of consistent viewing, printing, and storing. Adobe Acrobat Reader is the standard software program used to view all PDF files. If your computer currently does not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here to download.

6. How many artists/comparable sets can I compare in one report?

    If you purchase an Artwork Analysis Report, you can compare or combine data from a maximum of 10 comparable sets. Similarly, if you purchase a Multiple Artists Report, you can compare or combine the indices of up to 10 artists. In order to create reports that combine or compare data for more than 10 sets or artists, please email us, or call at +1-212-497-9700. We would be happy to create a custom report tailored to your specifications.

7. Do my reports expire?

    Once you create a report using our report wizard, you can access, manage, and download your report for one year on the My Reports page. If you would like to maintain the report longer than one year, you can update your report for US$20 by clicking the "Update" button in the Updated On column.

    Please note that all artnet Indices are updated monthly, as new market data become available. Once new data are added, an Update link will appear for your listed report on the My Reports page. The report may now be updated. We suggest that you update your report at least once a year to ensure that you have access to the best, most relevant data. If you have any problems while updating your reports, please email us, or call at +1-212-497-9700, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m. (EST).

8. Do I need to create an account to purchase a report?

    Yes. If you do not have an artnet username and password we ask that you register for a personal account. This will allow you to access, manage, and download all the reports you have generated in the past year.

    The process is simple. Once you build your report and check out, you will be directed to your Personal Information page. Please provide your name, username, password, and email. You will then be taken to the Billing Information page to complete your order.

9. How can I pay for my reports?

    Go to the artnet Analytics product page and select the type of report you would like to build. Selecting one report type will bring you to a step-by-step customization process. Once your report is customized, or once you have selected artnet Top Picks, you will be brought to the checkout section, where you will need to complete the following steps to purchase your report:

    1. Review your order: Review the report specifications you have requested

    2. Choose a payment option: Log in to deduct the cost of the report from a report package you previously purchased, or enter your billing information to pay by credit card

    3. Complete your order: Review your order summary and billing information carefully; if everything is correct, please click "Purchase My Report" to finalize your order

    4. Print your receipt: Once you have purchased your report, you will be taken to a confirmation page that you can print for your records; an email will also be sent to confirm your order

    Visit the My Reports page to view, download, print, or update your report.

10. I have a credit for a report, but when I try to use it, I'm being taken back to the Analytics product page. Help!

    If you would like to redeem a credit to create a report, please follow the directions below:

    1. View the number of remaining credits you have on the My Accounts page; redeem the credit by clicking "Add Another Report" in the Report Packages section

    2. Once you click "Add Another Report," you will be taken to the artnet Analytics product page where you can select a report of your choice by clicking "Build Report" under any of the report columns (please disregard the price as it will not apply to individuals redeeming a credit)

    3. Create your report

    4. Once you get to the Review and Purchase Your Report(s) page, check that the estimated total reads US$0.00; this will ensure that you are applying your credit

    If you have any problems or questions regarding your credits, please email us, or call us at +1-212-497-9700, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m. (EST).

11. Where can I learn more about artnet Indices and its methodology?

    artnet Analytics is excited to present the most easy-to-use and comprehensive index methodology to date.

    To learn more about our product and how to build your own Analytics Report, please read our Introduction to artnet Indices and User Guide.

    In addition, read our Complete Methodology to find out more about the artnet index generation system and the calculations involved.

    For any remaining questions, please email us, or call us at +1-212-497-9700, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m. (EST).

Customer service / artnet Analytics team contacts

If you are still having trouble, please email artnet analysts or call at +1-212-497-9700 ext. 135, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m. (EST).

You can also contact artnet customer service as follows:

Monday–Friday 9 a.m.–5 p.m. (EST)
Saturday 10 a.m.–6 p.m. (EST)
+49 (0)30 20917850
Monday–Friday 9 a.m.–6 p.m. (CET)
+33 (0)1 42866710
Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–6 p.m. (CET)