The Still House Group: Capiche? (Part I)

The Still House Group: Capiche? (Part I)

capiche? (installation view) by the still house group

The Still House Group

Capiche? (Installation View)

capiche? (installation view) by the still house group

The Still House Group

Capiche? (Installation View)

beach by brendan lynch

Brendan Lynch

Beach, 2012

little painting by jack greer

Jack Greer

Little Painting, 2012

old portrait of a german tourist by zachary susskind

Zachary Susskind

Old Portrait of a German Tourist, 2012

it's all for the taking by alex perweiler

Alex Perweiler

It's All for the Taking, 2012

Saturday, September 8, 2012Saturday, October 6, 2012

Venice, Italy

The Still House Group: Capiche?

Workshop presents a two-part exhibition by The Still House Group.

8 September - 6 October 2012
16 October - 16 November 2012

C a p i c h e?
Jack Greer, Brendan Lynch, Alex Perweiler & Zachary Susskind
8 September - 6 October, 2012

C a p i c h e.
Isaac Brest, Nick Darmstaedter, Louis Eisner & Dylan Lynch
16 October - 16 November, 2012

Capiche? / Capiche.
In Capiche? / Capiche., The Still House Group has been divided; the focus is exchange. Leaving the familiar for the foreign, new conversations assert themselves in an undiscovered language. New patterns, new relationships, new influence, new context; the usual is given up for the chance to engage with the not yet known, the not yet experienced.

The objective of viewing often seems to be understanding, an implication that specific meaning is to be grasped concretely. This project focuses on the value of selective engagement, namely its ability to heighten and broaden the meaning of a singular object or idea. Whether it is from work to work, work to person, person to person, work to place, person to place, or place to place, discovery is left up to chance, relies on experience, and is perhaps, not definite at all, but just the beginning of a line of thought. Still House has exhibited together as a group since 2008, but never with less than nine artists.

This two-part exhibition presents the members with an opportunity to focus on thoughts and relationships perhaps too subtle to be received when more participants are involved. Capiche? / Capiche. is their first project set to take place in Europe.

The Still House Group is an emerging arts organization, artist-run and based in New York.
Still House supports a unit of young artists, providing them with an environment to conceptualize, produce and exhibit their work. The strong emphasis on collaboration encourages members of the group to assist, critique and formally represent one another, ultimately creating a collective drive that balances the advancement of individual careers with the growth of Still House the entity. Founded in 2007 by Isaac Brest and Alex Perweiler as an online viewing platform, Still House has produced numerous exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles and Miami.
During 2010, the group conducted an eight month residency in an abandoned Department of Transportation office in TriBeCa, and has since built a permanent, multi-faceted arts institution currently based in Red Hook, Brooklyn.
This location serves as a hub for new work, a satellite environment to the art center of Manhattan where young artists engage in a space of their own.