Willow Gallery

les amateurs by adolphe alexandre lesrel

Adolphe Alexandre Lesrel

Les Amateurs, 1902

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repos, effet de grand soleil, moisonneur endormi, mezy by léon augustin l'hermitte

Léon Augustin L'Hermitte

Repos, Effet de Grand Soleil, Moisonneur Endormi, Mezy

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paris, le dome de l’eglise du val de grace by luigi loir

Luigi Loir

Paris, le Dome de l’Eglise du Val de Grace

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plage et falaises de fécamp by gustave loiseau

Gustave Loiseau

Plage et Falaises de Fécamp, 1925

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family group by laurence stephen lowry

Laurence Stephen Lowry

Family Group

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the battle of the dogger bank, august 5th, 1781 by thomas luny

Thomas Luny

The Battle of the Dogger Bank, August 5th, 1781

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the morning ride by sir alfred munnings

Sir Alfred Munnings

The Morning Ride

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the merchant of venice, act 3, scene 2 by francis sydney muschamp

Francis Sydney Muschamp

The Merchant of Venice, Act 3, Scene 2, 1884

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view of venice by friedrich nerly

Friedrich Nerly

View of Venice

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feeding the pigeons by antonio ermolao paoletti

Antonio Ermolao Paoletti

Feeding the Pigeons

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sheep grazing on a hilltop by sidney richard percy

Sidney Richard Percy

Sheep Grazing on a Hilltop, 1883

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still life with grapes and peaches by emilie preyer

Emilie Preyer

Still Life with Grapes and Peaches

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the appreciative audience by vittorio reggianini

Vittorio Reggianini

The Appreciative Audience

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an illicit letter by vittorio reggianini

Vittorio Reggianini

An Illicit Letter

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vue de montmartre, paris by pierre-auguste renoir

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Vue de Montmartre, Paris, 1885

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a still life with roses by jean-baptiste robie

Jean-Baptiste Robie

A Still Life with Roses

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