Willow Gallery

the quayside, newlyn by harold harvey

Harold Harvey

The Quayside, Newlyn

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the early bird by charles spencelayh

Charles Spencelayh

The Early Bird

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les grands boulevards sous la neige by eugène galien-laloue

Eugène Galien-Laloue

Les Grands Boulevards sous la Neige

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winter day on a frozen dutch canal by jan jacob spohler

Jan Jacob Spohler

Winter Day on a Frozen Dutch Canal

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deux pots de géraniums by bernard buffet

Bernard Buffet

Deux Pots de Géraniums, 1978

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on the shore by dorothea sharp

Dorothea Sharp

On the shore

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the battle of the dogger bank, august 5th, 1781 by thomas luny

Thomas Luny

The Battle of the Dogger Bank, August 5th, 1781

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ducks by alexander max koester

Alexander Max Koester


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the dusky beauty by eugen von blaas

Eugen von Blaas

The Dusky Beauty

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an illicit letter by vittorio reggianini

Vittorio Reggianini

An Illicit Letter

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tending the flowers by daniel ridgway knight

Daniel Ridgway Knight

Tending the Flowers

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llanberis pass by sir kyffin williams

Sir Kyffin Williams

Llanberis Pass

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the morning ride by heywood hardy

Heywood Hardy

The Morning Ride

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les amateurs by adolphe alexandre lesrel

Adolphe Alexandre Lesrel

Les Amateurs, 1902

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the southern cross by montague dawson

Montague Dawson

The Southern Cross

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cathédrale de rouen, rue de l'épicerie by gustave loiseau

Gustave Loiseau

Cathédrale de Rouen, Rue de l'Épicerie, 1928

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