The 30th Anniversary – PART II (Stockholm)

The 30th Anniversary – PART II (Stockholm)

Stockholm, Sweden Monday, October 13, 2008Saturday, November 15, 2008

Stockholm, Sweden
Monday, October 13, 2008Saturday, November 15, 2008

The 30th Anniversary – PART II
October 13 - November 15, 2008

Group exhibition featuring Diti Almog, Ross Bleckner, James Brown, Karin Davie, Angela de la Cruz, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Jane Hammond, Jason Martin, Kumari Nahappan, Julian Opie, Aidan Salakhova and Doug & Mike Starn

Opening on Monday, October 13, 6-8pm
Wetterling Gallery, Kungsträdgården 3, Stockholm
The exhibition is on show until November 15, 2008

Wetterling Gallery is proud to present the second part of its 30th anniversary show: “The 30th Anniversary – PART II”. After “PART I”, we continue with a group exhibition featuring twelve middle-career artists from the gallery’s program. This group of artists stands for a period in the gallery’s history when the gallery program was expanded from only showing pop art to a broader art concept. The idea of taking on younger artists and promoting new perspectives was based on the emergence of an increasingly varying and many-sided art scene. Since then, the artists in this group have established themselves as an inherent part of the gallery program as well as of the international art market.

Their origin from different countries and cultural backgrounds (Israel, Canada, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Great Britain and USA) is also reflected in their approaches to art. There are abstract painters as well as photographers represented in the exhibition. This diversity is significant for the contemporary art scene, like the fact that nearly all of them after all are based in New York or London.

Diti Almog, Ross Bleckner, James Brown, Karin Davie, Angela de la Cruz, Jane Hammond, Jason Martin, Kumari Nahappan and Aidan Salakhova explore the possibilities of painting in various ways: Diti Almog’s meticulous, architectural paintings examining time and space are contrasted by Karin Davie’s and Angela de la Cruz’ abstract, but highly body-related work where the artist’s physical condition, state of mind and movement play a prominent roll in the process of creating. Jason Martin is also belonging to this group with his suggestive monochrome paintings that sculpture light and color in an unforgettable way.

Certainly there are connections to the older generation of artists that was shown in ”PART I”. In Julian Opie’s work, a close relation to advertisement and popular culture is evident, as well as the inspiration from music and celebrities which he is translating into his own metaphorical language. Jane Hammond, too, is investigating our everyday icons, symbols and signs in her work and is creating her own form language and symbolism that relates to and questions the symbolism we are used to.

Another way of relating to the world around is characterizing for Doug & Mike Starn’s work, who in a virtually philosophic way investigate human existence. Starting from photographic images, the identical twins experimentalize with a bulk of materials and techniques to create their deeply symbolic images of nature and culture.

For more information and press images, please contact Simone Schmid at or at +46 8 101009.

PLEASE NOTE: The anniversary show will continue with PART III from 21 November to 20 December 2008. Opening 20 November.