The Original Print Show (London)

The Original Print Show (London)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012Friday, December 14, 2012

London, United Kingdom

The Original Print Show
From 21 November to 14 December 2012

Our exhibition draws together some of the finest British and Irish print makers of the last 60 years. Prints by modern masters will be shown alongside contemporary print makers who regularly exhibit with Waterhouse & Dodd.

The modernist works are exclusively drawn from a collection assembled by a public institution over the last five decades. The works represented in this exhibition are often seminal pieces by the given artist. A set of the Nineteen Greys (A-D) prints by Bridget Riley featured in her 1971 Hayward Gallery Retrospective, one of only 2 print sets to do so. Many other works from the editions represented in the exhibition are also in the Tate (London) print collection, including all of the prints we have by John Piper, Graham Ovenden and Ceri Richards.

The contemporary artists we have selected may be familiar to you, but their work as print-makers may come as a revelation. The inclusion of contemporary artists highlights the continued importance of print-making to artists today, many of whom use techniques very familiar to those working before them. The term ‘original print’ refers to an artwork which has been created specifically for a print medium. We have not selected any prints which are derived from paintings or which rely solely on photographic print reproduction.