la carpe by gustave loiseau

Gustave Loiseau

La Carpe, 1930

suzanne et les vieillards by lucien lautrec

Lucien Lautrec

Suzanne et les Vieillards, 1934

les magiciens by félix labisse

Félix Labisse

Les magiciens, 1938

untitled by roger hilton

Roger Hilton

Untitled, ca. 1954

cherokee roses on yellow velvet by martin johnson heade

Martin Johnson Heade

Cherokee roses on yellow velvet, 1833–1895

la servante de chez duval by norbert goeneutte

Norbert Goeneutte

La servante de chez Duval, ca. 1880

bouquet de fleurs et éventail by joseph augustin fontan

Joseph Augustin Fontan

Bouquet de fleurs et éventail, 1886

growing vine by alexander calder

Alexander Calder

Growing Vine, 1966

balloons and flying kites by alexander calder

Alexander Calder

Balloons and flying kites, 1969–1970

olive squares over vermillion by wilhelmina barns-graham

Wilhelmina Barns-Graham

Olive Squares over Vermillion, 1968

paysage by adolphe clary-baroux

Adolphe Clary-Baroux

Paysage, ca. 1910

feather on the beach by ted victoria

Ted Victoria

Feather on the Beach, 2012–2013

past present future by tom shannon

Tom Shannon

Past Present Future, 1985

vedute lower east side by jean-francois rauzier

Jean-Francois Rauzier

Vedute Lower East Side, 2013