Henri Biva

(French, 1848–1929)

paysage avec étang by henri biva

Henri Biva

Paysage avec étang, ca. 1900

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References:Benezit, Thieme & Becker, Hardouin-Fugier

Salon: 1892 Honorable Mention, 1985 Third Class, 1896 Second Class, 1900 Bronze Medal Chevalier (Legion de Honneur 1900)

Collections:Rouen Museum, Rothschild's, Royal Belgian Collection

Henri Biva began his career as a painter relatively late at the age of 25 as the pupil of landscape painter Alexander Nozal and genre painter Leon Tanzi. Biva made his mark as a painter of ladnscapes and still lives of flowers by exhibiting in the Paris Salon from 1875 forward. He was a popular and prolific painter, and reached his peak in commercial and critical acclaim around the turn of the century. Paul Biva and Lucien Biva, also both noted painters of flowers, were members of Henri Biva's family and studied under him at his studio.


Rouen Museum
Royal Belgian Collection