Villín Ramos: KOPLO

Villín Ramos: KOPLO

793 San Patricio AvenueSan Juan, PR Puerto Rico Thursday, March 20, 2014Friday, April 11, 2014

793 San Patricio Avenue
San Juan, PR Puerto Rico
Thursday, March 20, 2014Friday, April 11, 2014


Beginning on March 20, Viota Gallery will present the exhibition titled KOPLO by painter Villín Ramos. “A movement or pattern of irregular forms originate from a point, which then develops into each piece. I named this point KOPLO. It is similar to the energy system that sets forth this seed as a starting point, from which later emanates each formation on the canvas,” Ramos said.

Using bright acrylic colors and scissor-cut brushstrokes in order to obtain the correct angle for its objective, we arrive at this year's exhibition of this artist. This oeuvre has no beginning nor an ending, it is unique; it is an involvement of color and shape with no leading figure. The brilliance of colors in these pieces engages sight in such a way that you have to watch them for a while in order to understand its simple complexity.

“This exhibition includes 17 medium- to large-format pieces that express diversity without changing the direction of their existence, they carry names from my own language that fit perfectly, allowing their story to maintain their intensity. Knowing them will be pleasurable, as it was for me. I feel satisfied of reaching a climax in saturation of contrast in color and shapes,” Ramos pointed out.

“KOPLO” by Villín Ramos will be at the gallery until April 11. Viota Gallery is located at Avenida San Patricio #793. You can call 787-782-1752 for more information.