the bowsprit by anthony thieme

Anthony Thieme

The Bowsprit, ca. 1930

the blackwall frigate alumbagh at anchor by édouard adam

Édouard Adam

The Blackwall Frigate ALUMBAGH at Anchor

pegasus off the china coast by chinese school

Chinese School

PEGASUS Off the China Coast, ca. 1885

the british barque east african by antonio jacobsen

Antonio Jacobsen

The British Barque EAST AFRICAN, ca. 1896

the brig theodore captured by a corsair by antoine roux

Antoine Roux

The Brig THEODORE Captured by a Corsair, ca. 1820

schooner aurelia p.howe by joseph b. smith

Joseph B. Smith

Schooner AURELIA P.HOWE, ca. 1855–1859

la cote du mer by gustave courbet

Gustave Courbet

La Cote du Mer, ca. 1861

rounding the mark by gifford beal

Gifford Beal

Rounding the Mark, ca. 1920

portrait of s.s. pleiades by édouard adam

Édouard Adam

Portrait of S.S. Pleiades, 1917

schooner madawaska maid by elisha taylor baker

Elisha Taylor Baker

Schooner MADAWASKA MAID, ca. 1850

barkentine linnet off hong kong by chinese school

Chinese School

Barkentine LINNET Off Hong Kong, ca. 1890

match race challenge, rambler vs. madeline by frederic schiller cozzens

Frederic Schiller Cozzens

Match Race Challenge, RAMBLER vs. MADELINE, 1872

cattora, italy by william raymond dommersen

William Raymond Dommersen

Cattora, Italy, ca. 1895

lighthouse at tholen by william raymond dommersen

William Raymond Dommersen

Lighthouse at Tholen, ca. 1895

great lakes tugboat calumet by otto muhlenfeld

Otto Muhlenfeld

Great Lakes Tugboat CALUMET, ca. 1892

american steam schooner meets british frigates crossing the english channel, from dover to ramsgate, off the kent shoreline by james edward buttersworth

James Edward Buttersworth

American Steam Schooner Meets British Frigates Crossing the English Channel, From Dover to Ramsgate, off the Kent Shoreline, ca. 1838