Valerie Carberry Gallery

Under Investigation

Under Investigation

untitled #3 (from the series: albeit) by laura letinsky

Laura Letinsky

Untitled #3 (From the series: Albeit), 2013

untitled #31 (from the series: ill form and void full)	 by laura letinsky

Laura Letinsky

Untitled #31 (From the series: Ill Form and Void Full) , 2011–2013

pupil by jim lutes

Jim Lutes

Pupil, 2013

stacko by jim lutes

Jim Lutes

Stacko, 2013

Friday, September 20, 2013Saturday, November 2, 2013

Chicago, IL USA

Valerie Carberry Gallery is delighted to inaugurate its fall season with the opening of Under Investigation, an exhibition of recent work by Jim Lutes, Laura Letinsky, and Julia Fish. Under Investigation mingles the singular lines of inquiry into materials and images by three important midcareer artists.

Painter Jim Lutes probes the mechanics and psychology of the mind-eye relationship in his work. His most recent oil and tempera paintings enmesh taut, freeform brushwork with haunting and comical depictions of the body. Laura Letinksy’s most recent photographs are surprisingly urgent in their precision and complexity. These images leaven their origins in traditional still life painting with an aggressive dissection of image and form that is more closely related to Modernist assemblage. Similarly, Julia Fish’s drawings and paintings from her Thresholds series are premised around the subtle nuance of form found in the architecture of her own domestic environment, yet each of her images conveys a sense of expanding unfamiliarity with the subject of the artist’s gaze.

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