Let's Go Bombing Tonight

Let's Go Bombing Tonight

Flæsketorvet 69 - 71Copenhagen, Denmark Saturday, June 11, 2011Saturday, July 9, 2011

Flæsketorvet 69 - 71
Copenhagen, Denmark
Saturday, June 11, 2011Saturday, July 9, 2011

V1 Gallery Proudly Presents

Let's Go Bombing Tonight
A group exhibition curated by Barry Mcgee & Josh Lazcano

Featuring: Chris Lux, Francesco Igory Deiana, Kyle Mock, Augustus Thompson, Chris Johanson, Jeff Canham, Ray Potes, Stefan Simikich, Aaron Curry, Ruby Neri, Orion Shepherd, Andrea Sonnenberg, Amy Linton, Katherine Dunbar, Kylea Borges, Alicia McCarthy, Leslie Kulesh, Peggy Honeywell, Jesse Geller, Lycia Fong & Juan Valdez

Opening: Friday, June 10. 2011. Time: 17:00-20:00
Exhibition period: June 11. - July 9. 2011

V1 Gallery proudly presents Let's Go Bombing Tonight, an exploration of a band of loosely nit artists that stem from, or have worked in, San Francisco and share a connection with the artists and curators, Barry McGee and Josh Lazcano.

In 2009 V1 Gallery had the pleasure of hosting the group show The New Yorkers curated by Todd James, which explored a certain vein of the contemporary art scene in New York. In Let's Go Bombing Tonight and Us As A Logo, a solo exhibition by Los Angeles based artist Geoff McFetridge, opening simultaneously in V1 Gallery, the focus is on the American West Coast.

For a month, it is possible to explore the spirit of the thriving independent art scene of San Francisco in Copenhagen. The exhibition presents works by emerging and established artists in a variety of media and artistic styles, including photography, sculpture, painting, installation, drawing and murals. The title of the exhibition refers to the act of tagging and could be interpreted as a salute to taking matters into your own hands. A gentle reminder that action is necessary, in order to change the status quo. The dynamic title is reflected in the eclectic selection of artists and art works. This is not an attempt at a definite survey of the contemporary art scene in San Francisco, but rather a very subjective insiders guide to new talent and defining figures.

Several of the artists in the exhibition work under various aliases and monikers, a game of artwork before identity, so some surprises may await the keen observer. Many of these artists are also presently included in MOCA's (The Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles) major exhibition Art in The Streets. About the curators: Barry McGee also known as TWIST, lives and works in SF, has exhibited extensively in galleries and museums throughout the established art world and at the same time he has remained a respected pioneer within the skate, graffiti and surf culture. Josh Lazcano, lives and works in SF - sometimes under the moniker AMAZE, has been an integral part of the San Francisco art scene and has a vast knowledge and network thereof. He is also an avid surfer and cyclist.

Let's Go Bombing Tonight!

With warm wishes from the curators and V1 Gallery.