Art SouthHampton Booth #AS44

Art SouthHampton Booth #AS44

Art Southampton Pavilion | Southampton Elks Lodge
605 County Road 39
Southampton, NY 11968 USA Thursday, July 24, 2014Monday, July 28, 2014
cognitive congestion by desire obtain cherish

Desire Obtain Cherish

Cognitive Congestion, 2014

Price on Request

untitled # 14p25 by kwangho shin

KwangHo Shin

Untitled # 14P25, 2014

Price on Request

scent of flower by ling jian

Ling Jian

Scent of Flower, 2013


purple circle by zhuang hong yi

Zhuang Hong Yi

Purple Circle, 2014

Price on Request

Art Southampton Pavilion | Southampton Elks Lodge
605 County Road 39

Southampton, NY 11968 USA
Thursday, July 24, 2014Monday, July 28, 2014

UNIX Gallery is excited to announce its participation in Art Southampton 2014, to be held at the Art Southampton Pavilion from July 24 - 28, 2014. The gallery is presenting a carefully curated show featuring KwangHo Shin, Marcello Lo Giudice, Desire Obtain Cherish, Ling Jian and Zhuang Hong Yi. Exhibiting new paintings, works on paper, and sculpture, the gallery will present new artists and works to the subsequent market.

South Korean artist KwangHo Shin attempts to capture the complex relationship between the expression of emotion and the experience of the mind. With roots in Abstract Expressionism, he employs intense and vibrant oils juxtaposed with charcoal to distort the facial features of his subjects and confront them psychologically. Faces are deconstructed but retain the power of expression as the artist reimagines them in a patchwork of carefully yet energetically applied strokes of color. Shin's paintings convey the inner psychological state of his subjects but also remind the viewer of the artist's presence and process.

Marcello Lo Giudice is considered one of the most innovative artists on the new frontier of European Art Informal. His multifaceted projects are a meditation on the alliance between cosmic energies and human beings; focusing on the intimacy of nature, human dignity and rejection of war and barbary. Internationally renowned art critic Pierre Restany defined Lo Giudice as an exceptional “telluric” painter.

Since his emergence as a street artist in the early 2000s, Desire Obtain Cherish (DOC) has become one of the most well known contemporary pop sculptors working across a wide variety of different media and with a combination of styles including street, pop, conceptual and appropriation art. His controversial artwork explores contemporary desires and obsessions with sex, gender, drugs, commerce, media and fame. Transporting controversial, satirical messages, DOC's vibrantly colorful, entertaining, and impeccably produced art exposes society's inability to control itself and examines the commercial promise of fulfillment and happiness that ends in dependency.

Zhuang Hong Yi's Chinese training combined with western Impressionist elements produces a vast collection of work. With studios in Beijing and Amsterdam, this cross cultural artist brings traditional Chinese materials such as rice paper and ink into the modern era, fusing contemporary form and culturally significant mediums.

Chinese artist Ling Jian creates captivating and provoking canvases portraying stylized portraits of beautiful and highly expressive women. Through these women, the artist explores themes of materialism, wealth, political ideology, and modern notions of female identity and body image. Ling Jian's "angels" are both hyper-realistic and stylistically exaggerated: their broad foreheads, narrow chins, full lips and wide eyes reflect modern standards of beauty and shades of cultural identity.

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