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Spring Preview, Photography Exhibit

Spring Preview, Photography Exhibit

horse #26 by bob tabor

Bob Tabor

Horse #26

horse #8248 by bob tabor

Bob Tabor

Horse #8248

02.03.10 by blair seagram

Blair Seagram


horse whisperings #724 by bob tabor

Bob Tabor

Horse Whisperings #724

Saturday, March 26, 2011Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sag Harbor, NY USA

Opening Reception Sat March 26, 2011 6 - 8PM

BOB TABOR'S exquisite Horse Portraits
BLAIR SEAGRAMS'S new surfer Portraits and others

Bob Tabor is a creative director and photographer who made his name with large-scale prints of his equestrian portraits and his earlier stunning landscapes and seascapes of the east end of Long Island. His horse photographs reflect a unique essence intimacy never before captured by the camera. Each portrait combines the inner strength, sprit and power of nature's most beautiful athlete. Bob's unique slant on the equine essence illuminates every muscle, every sinew, and every hair. Only natural light is used, as he insists on meeting his subjects on their own terms. They, in turn allow him to capture their very soul.

Blair Seagram's stunning Surfer images are almost documentary in nature. There is film like movment of her constructed subjects. The long action filed panoramic prints allow us to visit the players in many different positions. The suffers from Ditch Plains, a coveted spot for local and visiting participants of the sport, are very exciting. There are newer Images captured in Porte Rico. On a calmer day one sees the images at Cameron Beach where families playing and relaxing and enjoying the best of summer.

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