Romancing with Spring:Wang Yidong Art Exhibition

Romancing with Spring:Wang Yidong Art Exhibition



Saturday, June 19, 2010Saturday, July 31, 2010

Beijing, China

Opening Reception: 16:00, July 19, 2010

As to China Realism Oil Painting, we can’t help asking about its relationship with Actualism. Though share the general characters of China Realism Oil Painting, Wang Yidong’s works still have their own subtle artistic expression. His paintings, with a kind of natural romanticism, convey the scenes appropriately through the freeze-frames of life. Those scenes are totally not associated with disasters, but the most timeless element of daily life—an optimistic outlook on life.

The artist describes the landscapes, persons, things and passions with his excellent techniques and lively colors to lead us to a world of the Orient Spirit. In silent wilderness, under Mount Yimeng, stands the village. An innocent girl is looking forward to something with her virgin passion and loneliness while a bride is longing for something in the silence of winter. They find the most pure emotions deep in our heart. Folk red, sunshine, silent black, beautiful country girls are frequent elements in Wang Yidong’s works. In such a world, we can find those rustic, cozy, silent, beautiful feelings. As time goes by, Wang Yidong weakens woes gradually, just leaves passions and hopes, during his exploration of realistic techniques. Countryside is the original paradise of human beings, also the final habitat. Though their bodies are drifting in the foreign lands, their souls will go home in the end. Wang Yidong is a member of the first group of returned artists from America. But when he was in America, he felt that he lost his Muse—the air and soil in his motherland. Then the next year, he packed his clothes and caught a plane to fly home. After he came back to China, he began to convert himself to another style which is tightly related to Yimeng Mountain Area traditional culture to combine it with western master pieces he saw in US both technically and aesthetically.

This exhibition will present Wang Yidong’s works since 1986, including oil painting, giclees and sketches, to show the logic of the artist's creation, during his exploration of the fusion of western classical painting, Chinese traditional painting and folk art.

Wang Yidong’s work is a song from the remote mountain area, always for the modest Chinese folk art.

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