L'écriture féminine

L'écriture féminine



Sunday, October 14, 2012Friday, November 23, 2012

Beijing, China

L'écriture féminine
works on paper and installation group exhibition

Receiption: Triumph Art Space@798, 4:00pm Oct.14 2012

Artists: Peng Wei, Lei Miao, Zhou Qinshan, Xu Hualing Curator: Pan Kwanyi

Venue / Time:
Triumph Art Space@798/ Oct. 14 to Nov. 2, 2012
Triumph Art Space@Beijing Hong Kong Jockey Club/ Nov. 4 to Nov. 23, 2012
Triumph Art Space@Huamao/ Nov. 25 to Dec. 14, 2012

On Oct. 14(Sunday), Triumph Art Space will launch an exhibition of works on paper and installations: L'écriture féminine which are co-presented by Peng Wei, Lei Miao, Zhou Qinshan and Xu Hualing. On paper, these four female artists who are of the same age eliminate the borders between tradition and modern, west and east, to express the aesthetics of L'écriture féminine, peculiar to woman artists.
Beginning in late 19th century, the female artists in the art world began to have influence of viewer, female artists utilize their body as artistic language in their expression, which fueled by feminism movement. Nowadays, in 21 century, female artists are no longer advocate themselves as minor society as creative theme, female artists in contemporary society has been transcended the gender issue to personal, day-to-day, as well as sensuous expression. Their artistic expressions are more delicate and various, it is their internal writing.
Among these participating artists, Pei Wei creates her works on a wide range with both east and west techniques. Western aesthetics can be found in her traditional paintings. From the Robes to the Painted Skin Series-Woman Body Installations, Peng Wei’s creations stepped into a wider space, from 2-dimensional to 3-dimensional. Until her new series, Taking off the Shell, she puts her paintings in the inner faces of silk shoes. In this exhibition, these three series will all be showed together with the debut of her video artworks. Zhou Qinshan uses merbromin to express unlimited conscious as if it can heal, comfort body and soul, it is metaphorical expression towards life and death, also a strong point of view toward life underneath its sweet color. Xu Hualing expresses young girls’ conscious and body, she use ink on multi-layered paper and silk, it is personal, delicate yet sentimental, we can receive messages through “female gaze”. Lei Miao’s Paintings are endowed with an atmosphere of mystery. Under her brush, she builds a world of her own artistic language which is silent and simple, mysterious and mellow. Although they are surrounded by noise and glitter in the contemporary art world, their artistic expression are unique- quiet and internal writing.
This Exhibtion will last to Nov. 2, and will travel to Triumph Huamao Space and Triumph Jockey Club Space. For more information, please go to our website: www.triumphart.com.cn, or follow us on Weibo: http://e.weibo.com/u/1970890311.

Triumph Art Space@798
Add: A05, 798 Art Zone, No. 2, Jiuxianqiao Rd., Chaoyang District, Beijing, Tel: 010-5762 3012

Triumph Art Space@Beijing Hong Kong Jockey Club Clubhouse
Add: No.68 Jinbao Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, Tel: 010-59118888-10

Triumph Art Space@Huamao
Add: L228, China Central Mall(Huamao), No. 79, Jianguo Rd., Chaoyang District, Beijing