Jia Difei's Works

Jia Difei's Works



Saturday, November 19, 2011Monday, December 19, 2011

Beijing, China

Media Preview: Nov. 19, 15:00

Reception: Nov. 19, 16:00


As one of the leader of Chinese Expressionism, Jia Difei show the beauty of life with vigorous artistic doctrine to full character modeling, warm colors of his interpretation of the praise and the desire for life, interpretation of the life attitude. In this early winter, Triumph Art Space will bring a solo show of Jia Difei's Works, including Embarrassment and Foliage which are the two main series of the artist's career. Works which are full of visual impact will give you a delicious visual feast. Besides oil paintings, this exhibition also includes Jia Difei's sketches and screen works. The debut of his screen works is very worth expecting.

As Fan Di'an said in his article, The Attitude of Life, "Jia Difei's paintings have preserved the spirit of consistency. They are full of life with a force that can break through any physical restraint instantly; the paintings also present the passion within the body and the resistance of external repression. He always tries to link western expressionism oil painting techniques with Chinese experiences to paint current society and focus on the people's living condition, spiritual and material desires. From his colors and images, people can feel the vitality which he would like to convey to us.

Through exaggeration, symbolism and other measures, he artfully hides his feelings in his paintings. In the vigorous atmosphere, he highlights his passion to pursue the origin of life. Jia Difei's artful techniques show fully the charm of lines and colors. He makes the fusion of line's expression and modeling, namely, lines are both the language of modeling and the element of expression. His passionate colors and emotions give a full expression of the beauty and vitality of human body. His paintings are structured in a multi-perspective manner which makes the logic of the viewers compatible with the artist's. Thus, the viewers can get various feelings and possibilities to talk to the artist.

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