Jia Difei: Still Life Practice

Jia Difei: Still Life Practice

invitation by jia difei

Jia Difei


Sunday, December 16, 2012Friday, January 18, 2013

Beijing, China

Jia Difei: Still Life Practice
Dec. 16,2012 - Jan.18,2013

Organizer: Triump Art Space@Hongkong Jockey Club
Address: Basement 1 No.68 Jinbao Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Jia Difei is one of the leading figures in Chinese Expressionism, and the appearance of his works is already well know by people. On December 16, 2012, organized by Triumph Art Space@Hongkong Jockey Club space, the exhibition Still Life Practice - Jia Difei Art Exhibition will display more than 20 pieces of small size still life works, providing an opportunity to form new understanding of Jia Difei.

The exhibition includes Jia Difei's new works in 2012 and his representative older works dating back to the early 1970's and 1980's, both of which are quite different from the 'Leaves Series' and the 'Embarrassment Series' in style. Among the exhibited works, some are those stable, bland things and things which are in their natural state in everyday life, and some are paintings of scenery from nature with quiet and elegant tone, interpreting Expressionism with different approaches. As Jia Difei described in an interview, "This is a process of feeling and tranquility, you will find that this thing is very clean, upright and grand, maybe that thing is in the starting point of people and painting ." . The tranquility in the paintings couldn't stop the viewer from feeling the "heat" in the heart of the artist, this quiet "temperature" will pass through paintings, diffuse and go directly to one's heart then throughout the body.