In My Heart, Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Ink

In My Heart, Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Ink

in my heart: invitational exhibition of contemporary ink

In My Heart: Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Ink

Wednesday, April 10, 2013Monday, May 6, 2013

Beijing, China

Duration: April 10 to May
Reception: Triumph Art Space, April 13, 4:00pm
Artists: Li Jun, Li Guanguan, Wu Yuntie, Zeng Jianyong, Zhou Qiaoyun

Chinese contemporary Ink is a new idea originated from the development of traditional Chinese ink painting. It based on the main materials and form of traditional Chinese painting, but combined with contemporary culture and attitude. Then it is an independent domain which is between the traditional art and the modern.

In My Heart: Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Ink will invite five excellent artists Li Guanguan, Li Jun, Wu Yuntie, Zeng Jianyong and Zhou Qiaoyun to show their new works dated 2011 and 2012, including new fine brushwork, new Chinese Expressionism and some other forms of expression, with various materials like Chinese ink, Xuanzhi paper, acrylic, silk.

“In the small world of my heart, there is a heaven. ”-- Under the guiding of new concept, the five artists get nutrition from traditional ink painting while try to explore the new possibilities of ink painting creation. They share something in common – different from simply representation of traditional ink painting, they all pay more attention to their self-awareness to integrate traditional cultural spirit with their personal feelings and art concept.

Besides these common points, the artists also show their own point of view in the works. Li Guanguan, innocent and never goes with the stream, gaze at her inner world to drift away from reality and travel in her spiritual world. With great concentration in fine brushwork, she expresses her peaceful emotions which are very different with the flighty mood of society. Taking pet dog as the main theme of his creation, Li Jun builds a meaningful pet dog world with ink painting language to let the viewer reflect on themselves by viewing the animals in his paintings. Wu Yuntie partially uses neon colors in his works to endow the unusual images with sort of dreamlike feeling. Zeng Jianyong compulsorily blends adult life experience with adolescent sorrows to form an anxious scene of contradiction and contrast to move the viewers in a smart and joking way. Zhou Qiaoyun who based in Changsha, rarely takes part in exhibition. Her works, with special personal language of art, takes traditional brushwork technique as entry point. She pays attention to tradition while avoiding signifying. The dim and soft light and the impalpable fog in her painting lead the views into a world of fantasy.

The five artists’ breakthrough and surpassing of contemporary ink painting will bring us a brand new experience. In My Heart: Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Ink will let the viewers listen to the inner world of the artists and feel the wonder of it.