Art Beijing

Art Beijing

Sunday, April 29, 2012Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Beijing, China

Vernissage: April 29, 18:00-22:00
Venue: Beijing, National Agricultural Exhibition Center, B3&B4

Art Beijing Contemporary and Classical art fairs will give a show simultaneously in Beijing for the first time. Triumph will present an exhibition of 20th century Chinese art masters and famous contemporary Chinese artists.

This exhibition will include three parts, namely 20th century Chinese art masters, famous contemporary Chinese artists, and up and coming artists. The first part will include Lin Ferngmian's Landscape and Wu Guanzhong's Early Spring in Guilin, and some other masterpieces. Regarding the second part, famous contemporary Chinese artists, Ai Xuan's September presents a scene of farmer's daily life in a realistic way. From the texture and relief-like visual effect, we can feel the glamour of Zhou Chunya's expressional painting. Leng Jun develops a new school in Chinese art world. Everyone in front of his paintings will be moved by the perfect representation and exquisite techniques. The vigorous golden yellow and flowing brushwork endow Jia Difei's Sunflower with the beauty of life, especially in the form of a screen. Ding Fang is one of the representatives of '85 New Move. His paintings will bring the viewers transcendently visual effect and spiritual impact. Taking elements from masterpieces of classical artists, young artist Zhang Kai's paintings are the perfect fusion of classical techniques and individualized personification. Lv Miao stands out among emerging young artists for his acute insight into social phenomena and special style of expression. Sun Yi's paintings, though seemingly harmonious, are filled with contradicts and metaphors. Zhang Tianmu combines mixed media with traditional tempera, toning with egg yolk while coloring with traditional Chinese ink painting techniques, to make the paintings show a visual effect of ink painting. Various elements in her works present a beautiful but melancholy style.