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bust of the young emperor marcus aurelius

Bust of the young Emperor Marcus Aurelius

cavalier and a lady by barthélemy prieur

Barthélemy Prieur

Cavalier and a Lady

fire-blower (aeolopile) in the form of a crouching fat man

Fire-blower (Aeolopile) in the form of a crouching Fat Man

shell-shaped vessel with four putti by francesco bertos

Francesco Bertos

Shell-shaped Vessel with Four Putti

study of a dolphin and a dolphin skull by vincenzo gemito

Vincenzo Gemito

Study of a Dolphin and a Dolphin Skull

the last parting of helga & gunnlaug by charles fairfax murray

Charles Fairfax Murray

The last parting of Helga & Gunnlaug

la belle laitière de villers cotterêts by louis de carmontelle

Louis de Carmontelle

La Belle Laitière de Villers Cotterêts

elevation of the cortile of the palazzo borghese, rome by paolo posi

Paolo Posi

Elevation of the Cortile of the Palazzo Borghese, Rome

the doge's palace, venice by edward lear

Edward Lear

The Doge's Palace, Venice

virtue triumphant over vice by massimiliano (benzi) soldani

After Massimiliano (Benzi) Soldani

Virtue triumphant over Vice, ca. 1750–1760

head of a young man, looking down by jacopo vignali

Jacopo Vignali

Head of a young man, looking down

two-handled jar

Two-handled Jar, 1520


Tondino, 1540

erminia carving tancredi's name on a tree by giuseppe gricci

Giuseppe Gricci

Erminia carving Tancredi's name on a Tree, 1754–1758

the annunciation in the background, through the open doorway, the visitation by hendrik goltzius

In the manner of Hendrik Goltzius

The Annunciation in the background, through the open doorway, the Visitation