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draped figure by auguste rodin

Auguste Rodin

Draped Figure, 1890

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twilight by théodore rousseau

Théodore Rousseau

Twilight, ca. 1850

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startled by the iron horse by newbold hough trotter

Newbold Hough Trotter

Startled by the Iron Horse, 1860

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the bazaar at oudeypore by edwin lord weeks

Edwin Lord Weeks

The Bazaar at Oudeypore, ca. 1893

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penthouse of the public house in st. ives, cornwall by james abbott mcneill whistler

James Abbott McNeill Whistler

Penthouse of the Public House in St. Ives, Cornwall, ca. 1883–1884

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the beach, long island by irving ramsey wiles

Irving Ramsey Wiles

The Beach, Long Island, ca. 1915

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le palais des doges, vu du canal della grazia by félix ziem

Félix Ziem

Le Palais des Doges, vu du canal della Grazia

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