The Rema Hort Mann Foundation

electric shaker by allison ginsberg

Allison Ginsberg

Electric Shaker, 2013

Price on Request

pansies by aliza nisenbaum

Aliza Nisenbaum

Pansies, 2013

2,500 USD

the path of exile by florian heinke

Florian Heinke

The Path of Exile, 2013

7,500 USD

#1415802 by leonardo silaghi

Leonardo Silaghi

#1415802, 2014

2,800 USD

#1415702 by leonardo silaghi

Leonardo Silaghi

#1415702, 2014

4,800 USD

cross processed (blue and orange to yellow and green) by jessica labatte

Jessica Labatte

Cross Processed (Blue and Orange to Yellow and Green), 2012

1,800 USD

night dancer by liat yossifor

Liat Yossifor

Night Dancer, 2013

2,800 USD

c 236 by jackie saccoccio

Jackie Saccoccio

c 236, 2012

2,000 USD

artwork 83 by mariah robertson

Mariah Robertson

83, 2011

6,000 USD

aura minus distance by hayal pozanti

Hayal Pozanti

Aura Minus Distance, 2013

4,500 USD

cost of love #3 by danica phelps

Danica Phelps

Cost of Love #3, 2012

3,952 USD

crazy land by leemour pelli

Leemour Pelli

Crazy Land, 2012

4,500 USD

untitled (bed, self-portrait) by catherine opie

Catherine Opie

Untitled (bed, self-portrait), 1987

10,000 USD

projection by tala madani

Tala Madani

Projection, 2013

16,000 USD

companion by mala iqbal

Mala Iqbal

Companion, 2009

2,500 USD

here to stay 3 by vlatka horvat

Vlatka Horvat

Here to Stay 3, 2008

2,000 USD