The Multiple Store

shoal by ackroyd & harvey

Ackroyd & Harvey

Shoal, 2011

1,000–5,000 USD

terra infirma by karen ay

Karen Ay

Terra Infirma, 2013

1,000–5,000 USD

the mighty crowns by tom dale

Tom Dale

The Mighty Crowns, 2014

1,000–5,000 USD

a sunken owl prunes by simon periton

Simon Periton

A Sunken Owl Prunes, 2009

1,000–5,000 USD

barbiturate ii by simon periton

Simon Periton

Barbiturate II, 2010

1,000–5,000 USD

interstate by peter liversidge

Peter Liversidge

Interstate, 2001

1,000–5,000 USD

what is history? by kenny hunter

Kenny Hunter

What is History?, 1998

1,000–5,000 USD

diorama (colour channels) by sigune hamann

Sigune Hamann

DIORAMA (Colour Channels), 2013

1,000–5,000 USD

cast by anya gallaccio

Anya Gallaccio

Cast, 2003

1,000–5,000 USD

shattered (blue mirror) by david burrows

David Burrows

Shattered (Blue Mirror), 2003

1,000–5,000 USD

liquid koan by lillian lijn

Lillian Lijn

Liquid Koan, 2003

1,000–5,000 USD

rising by alison wilding

Alison Wilding

Rising, 2001

5,000–10,000 USD

brass tooth by david shrigley

David Shrigley

Brass Tooth, 2009

1,000–5,000 USD

meteorite the middle of nowhere by cornelia parker

Cornelia Parker

Meteorite the middle of nowhere, 2001

1,000–5,000 USD

www. by langlands & bell

Langlands & Bell

www., 2001

1,000–5,000 USD

inhaler by keith coventry

Keith Coventry

Inhaler, 1998

1,000–5,000 USD