The Court Gallery

waterside, bristol by ernest pascoe

Ernest Pascoe

Waterside, Bristol, 1957

3,750 GBP

dieppe by duncan grant

Duncan Grant

Dieppe, 1946

Price on Request

still life with flowers by agnes hope joseph

Agnes Hope Joseph

Still Life with Flowers, ca. 1920

2,500 GBP

cat about to pounce by henri gaudier-brzeska

Henri Gaudier-Brzeska

Cat About To Pounce, 1913

Price on Request

study for the cabyard series by robert bevan

Robert Bevan

Study for The Cabyard Series, ca. 1910

2,750 GBP

petit profil by gwen john

Gwen John

Petit profil, ca. 1920

Price on Request

returning with the catch by henry scott tuke

Henry Scott Tuke

Returning with The Catch, 1920

Price on Request

haystacks by miss doris brabham hatt

Miss Doris Brabham Hatt


Price on Request

reclining nude by henri matisse

Henri Matisse

Reclining Nude, ca. 1930

Price on Request

senorita by duncan grant

Duncan Grant

Senorita, 1930

5,750 GBP

composition by giuseppe ajmone

Giuseppe Ajmone

Composition, ca. 1955

2,500 GBP

still life with digitalis by john nash

John Nash

Still Life with Digitalis, ca. 1930–1939

Price on Request

composition after chagall by jacob bornfriend

Jacob Bornfriend

Composition after Chagall

950 GBP

the hill at charmouth by lucien pissarro

Lucien Pissarro

The Hill at Charmouth, 1920

Price on Request

standing female nude by cuthbert hamilton

Cuthbert Hamilton

Standing Female Nude, ca. 1913

2,500 GBP

dancing figure by cuthbert hamilton

Cuthbert Hamilton

Dancing Figure, ca. 1913

1,800 GBP