The Court Gallery

still life with jug, knife & onion by duncan grant

Duncan Grant

Still Life with Jug, Knife & Onion, 1920

8,500 GBP

venice by carl unger

Carl Unger


5,500 GBP

scene de campagne by pierre bonnard

Pierre Bonnard

Scene de Campagne

3,500 GBP

female nude by dame ethel walker

Dame Ethel Walker

Female Nude

4,500 GBP

the dance by rupert lee

Rupert Lee

The Dance, 1918

900 GBP

deauville by walter bayes

Walter Bayes

Deauville, 1924

Price on Request

paysage aux arbres by jean hippolyte marchand

Jean Hippolyte Marchand

Paysage aux Arbres

3,500 GBP

harvest field by james coutts michie

James Coutts Michie

Harvest Field

3,500 GBP

paysage by andré derain

André Derain


2,000 GBP

rus in urbe by rupert lee

Rupert Lee

Rus in Urbe

2,750 GBP

park bench by rodrigo moynihan

Rodrigo Moynihan

Park Bench

2,500 GBP

still life with flowers by rupert lee

Rupert Lee

Still Life with Flowers, ca. 1930

2,500 GBP

trees by malcolm arbuthnot

Malcolm Arbuthnot

Trees, ca. 1920

1,650 GBP

cats by rupert lee

Rupert Lee

Cats, 1919

1,500 GBP

paris café by moïse kisling

Moïse Kisling

Paris Café, 1916

16,500 GBP

man carrying a pig by peter coker

Peter Coker

Man Carrying a Pig, 1955

3,500 GBP