The Court Gallery

harbour by jean rees

Jean Rees


1,250 GBP

'the invention of nylon 1938' by barbara jones

Barbara Jones

'The Invention of Nylon 1938', 1950

2,750 GBP

homme barbu by andré derain

André Derain

Homme barbu

1,250 GBP

hay barges on the thames at deptford by christopher richard wynne nevinson

Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson

Hay Barges on the Thames at Deptford

Price on Request

fraipont by eugène chigot

Eugène Chigot


5,500 GBP

tete de femme au chapeau by pablo picasso

Pablo Picasso

Tete de femme au chapeau

Price on Request

still life with red chair by kenneth lauder

Kenneth Lauder

Still Life with Red Chair, 1952

Price on Request

still life with jug and pipe by kenneth lauder

Kenneth Lauder

Still Life with Jug and Pipe, 1949

Price on Request

etude pour 'la grandmere de l'artiste' by edouard vuillard

Edouard Vuillard

Etude pour 'La grandmere de l'artiste', ca. 1887–1891

7,500 GBP

grand visage by andré derain

André Derain

Grand visage

3,000 GBP

female nude by ian macnab

Ian Macnab

Female Nude, ca. 1935

2,000 GBP

morning sea by david jones

David Jones

Morning Sea, ca. 1931

Price on Request

diffidence by sir stanley spencer

Sir Stanley Spencer

Diffidence, ca. 1935

14,500 GBP

portrait of mary martin, the artist's wife by kenneth martin

Kenneth Martin

Portrait of Mary Martin, the Artist's Wife, ca. 1934

22,500 GBP

nu à l'oiseau by roger-maurice grillon

Roger-Maurice Grillon

Nu à l'oiseau, 1913

12,500 GBP

the blue chemise, yeomans row by malcolm drummond

Malcolm Drummond

The Blue Chemise, Yeomans Row, 1919

Price on Request