The Court Gallery

femme accoudée by roger bissière

Roger Bissière

Femme accoudée

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l'aquarium au verre by georges braque

Georges Braque

L'aquarium au verre, 1944

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cookham girl by sir stanley spencer

Sir Stanley Spencer

Cookham Girl, ca. 1919

3,250 GBP

sunshine at applehayes by robert polhill bevan

Robert Polhill Bevan

Sunshine at Applehayes, ca. 1915

2,750 GBP

villa at szeliwy by robert polhill bevan

Robert Polhill Bevan

Villa at Szeliwy, ca. 1901

9,500 GBP

studies of madame cézanne and his son petit paul by paul cézanne

Paul Cézanne

Studies of Madame Cézanne and his son Petit Paul, 1873

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femme nue allongé by pierre bonnard

Pierre Bonnard

Femme nue allongé, ca. 1902

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nue accroupie by pablo picasso

Pablo Picasso

Nue Accroupie, 1902

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harvester by josef herman

Josef Herman

Harvester, ca. 1965

12,500 GBP

woodland scene no. 1 by william scott

William Scott

Woodland Scene No. 1, 1945

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la place nationale with le grand duquesne by walter richard sickert

Walter Richard Sickert

La Place Nationale with Le Grand Duquesne, 1903–1904

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reclining nude by laura sylvia gosse

Laura Sylvia Gosse

Reclining Nude

15,000 GBP

reading at night by keith vaughan

Keith Vaughan

Reading at Night

7,500 GBP

plant form by graham sutherland

Graham Sutherland

Plant Form

4,750 GBP

the reading room by alfred aaron wolmark

Alfred Aaron Wolmark

The Reading Room, 1949

4,500 GBP

flowers in a teapot by anne redpath

Anne Redpath

Flowers in a Teapot

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