The Caldwell Gallery

interior by robert natkin

Robert Natkin

Interior, 1961

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untitled by max schnitzler

Max Schnitzler

Untitled, ca. 1948–ca. 1952

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transition by joseph john paul meert

Joseph John Paul Meert

Transition, 1949

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on the beach by byron browne

Byron Browne

On the Beach , 1959

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abstraction by charles houghton howard

Charles Houghton Howard

Abstraction , 1938

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sleeping mermaid and tiger by martha cahoon

Martha Cahoon

Sleeping Mermaid and Tiger

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junkman’s serenade by gregorio prestopino

Gregorio Prestopino

Junkman’s Serenade , ca. 1935

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circus scene by clarence holbrook carter

Clarence Holbrook Carter

Circus Scene, 1930

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abstract by sueo serisawa

Sueo Serisawa

Abstract, ca. 1955

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full moon by ralph m. rosenborg

Ralph M. Rosenborg

Full Moon, 1941

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the white pitcher by henry lee mcfee

Henry Lee McFee

The White Pitcher, 1915

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female bather by carl robert holty

Carl Robert Holty

Female Bather, 1935

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still life with cucumber by grace hartigan

Grace Hartigan

Still Life with Cucumber, 1953

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untitled collage by byron browne

Byron Browne

Untitled Collage, 1942

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abstraction by werner drewes

Werner Drewes

Abstraction, 1942

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american abstract art exhibition 1940 by john von wicht

John von Wicht

American Abstract Art Exhibition 1940, 1940

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