The Barakat Gallery

apulian neck-amphora

Apulian Neck-Amphora

emperor theodosius i

Emperor Theodosius I, 1800–1900

man/bird votive figure with an intaglio - d.0023

Man/Bird Votive Figure with an Intaglio - D.0023

bactrian gilt silver bowl with relief decorations - pf.5882

Bactrian Gilt Silver Bowl with Relief Decorations - PF.5882

russian orthodox gilt and enamelled icon depicting the crucifiction

Russian Orthodox Gilt and Enamelled Icon Depicting the Crucifiction

russian orthodox icon - pf .5179

Russian Orthodox Icon - PF .5179

russian orthodox icon depicting christ as king

Russian Orthodox Icon Depicting Christ as King, 1700–1900

russian orthodox icon depicting st. barbara

Russian Orthodox Icon Depicting St. Barbara, 1750–1900

russian orthodox icon depicting saints jacob and diomedes

Russian Orthodox Icon Depicting Saints Jacob and Diomedes, 1750–1900

the mother of god iversk

The Mother of God Iversk, 1750–1900

 bactrian silver tetradrachm of king agathokles - c.2031

Bactrian Silver Tetradrachm of King Agathokles - C.2031

 silver dekadrachm minted under ptolemy iii - c.2035

Silver Dekadrachm Minted Under Ptolemy III - C.2035

 akan leather sandals with gold ornaments - pf.6126

Akan Leather Sandals with Gold Ornaments - PF.6126

21 karat gold pendant with a bronze coin of roman emperor constantine ii - fj.4534

21 Karat Gold Pendant with a Bronze Coin of Roman Emperor Constantine II - FJ.4534, ca. 337–340

5 silver coins of king ptolmey xii mounted in an 18 karat gold bracelet - fj.7145a

5 silver Coins Of King Ptolmey XII mounted in an 18 Karat Gold Bracelet - FJ.7145a, ca. 80 BC–51

a -c.10294

a -C.10294