Tayloe Piggott Gallery

Subtle Depths: Works by Susan Thulin

Subtle Depths: Works by Susan Thulin

Jackson, WY USA Friday, March 30, 2012Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jackson, WY USA
Friday, March 30, 2012Wednesday, April 18, 2012


62 South Glenwood, Jackson, WY 83001

Opening Reception: Wednesday 18 April, 2012; 5 – 8pm

Show Dates: 30 March, 2012 – 15 May, 2012

Tayloe Piggott Gallery is pleased to present “Subtle Depths,” an exhibition featuring the new works of Jackson-based artist Susan Thulin. The works will be on view from March 30th, 2012 through May 15th, 2012. On Wednesday, April 18th from 5 to 8 p.m., Tayloe Piggott Gallery will hold an opening reception for Thulin’s exhibition. The public is welcome to enjoy drinks and food prepared by the culinary students from Central Wyoming College while mingling amongst the new works of Susan’s first solo show at the Tayloe Piggott Gallery. Artist, Suzanne Morlock, will simultaneously hold her first solo show at the gallery.

The artwork of Susan Thulin is a record of the emotional experiences in her life. Both paintings and mixed media work record and reflect her subconscious observations and thoughts as joy, hardship, awareness, and longing for spiritual and personal connection arise in her life. Thulin’s painterly process is complex, and much like her final works, involves multiple layers of preparation and reflection in order to create. Planning a piece begins with meditating, sketching and reviewing books for inspiration. From here, works often begin with a bright and bold image, which becomes transformed to a more complex and quiet palette. This creation of art is the unexpected power and communication that comes from working, thinking, and being honest with the process and the painting. Imagery in her pieces is inspired from the human world. Gestures, natural forms and the human figure document memories and observations over the course of time.

Susan Durfee Thulin was born in the Philippine Islands, but raised primarily in Pittsburgh, PA. She received her BA in Studio Art and Art History from Connecticut College and an MBA from Golden Gate University. Thulin also studied art at the California College of Arts, San Francisco Art Institute and held residencies at the Ucross Foundation and the Vermont Studio Center. She has exhibited throughout the Mountain State Region and has won the Jackson Hole Award for creativity as well as the Wyoming Arts Council Honorable Mention. Susan lives and works in Jackson, WY with her husband and three children. For further information regarding Susan Thulin or the show, please call the gallery at 307.733.0555 or visit us online at www.tayloepiggottgallery.com.