Jan 22, 2011
Mark di Suvero - Sculpture and Drawings Exhibition Catalogue, published in 2011, text by Robert L. Pincus, 50 pages, full color plates, includes biographical notes, $20 plus S+H
Dec 1010, 2010
'Twentieth Century Parade by Armando Romero' Exhibition Catalogue, Published 2009. 52 pages, full color images. Intro by Mary Beth Petersen, texts by Dr. Charissa N. Terranova and J.M. Tasende.
Nov 1010, 2010
'The Sculptor's Hand' 30th Anniversary Exhibition Catalogue, Published 2009. 80 pages, full color images of works by 13 artists. Introduction by Mary Beth Petersen, text by J.M. Tasende. Quotes by featured artists.
Oct 1010, 2010
'Fletcher Benton in Southern California' Exhibition Catalogue, Published 2005. Text by Colette Chattopadhyay. 80 pages, full color plates of works. $20 postpaid
Sep 1010, 2010
'Armando Romero' Exhibition Catalogue, Published 2007. Text by Collette Chattopadhyay, introduction by Mary Beth Petersen. 44 pages, full color plates of works. Catalogue includes biographical information. $20 postpaid.